Wednesday, January 19, 2011

China and USA meet

So are you keeping an eye on world news? You will see that today the China President has arrived in the USA to have talks with Obama on......well TRADE and the MONEY fighting.  The two countries are in the ring, boxing it out, both want this or that, while both claim the other is being unfair and wanting the biggest piece of the global economic pie, while it manipulates its money.

The experts on BBC news believe NOTHING will come of this meeting and both countries will continue to duke it out in the ring.

China is fast becoming for now the one to take over from the USA the number ONE spot in world economy.

That is one reason why other countries including India (whose moving up fast also) want more trade with China. Oh Russia also is wanting to get into bed more and more with China.

Watch the world of the East.......things are shaking and rattling and rolling, the mighty power of the kings of the EAST is fast shaping up. All will play a part - a very BIG part - in end time Bible prophecy.

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