Friday, January 28, 2011


No not the earthquake we first think about when we hear that word - it is the earthquake from the people!

First, one news station to find out the details of what's happening in Egypt is BBC news.

About Egypt:

It is looked upon traditionally as the leading Arab nation of the Arab nations of the East.
It is the most populous of the Arab nations.
Egypt has been ruled by the dictatorship of Mubarak for 30 years.
The USA and Egypt for all those years have been in bed with each other.
1.5 Billion dollars a year comes from the USA to Egypt as part of being in bed together.
We now have a NEW generation of YOUNG men and women in Egypt over the last 30 years.

FINALLY they are rising up en mass to declare they have had enough of Mubarak dictatorship.

The USA via Obama is saying Egypt must move in a new direction to the will and desires of its people, which means more freedom, more democracy, a government that will listen to the people and bring in the changes needed that the people are now demanding.

Bible Prophecy is moving on. As Egypt is the traditional LEADING nation of the Arab world, so it will be in the future - changes MUST take place in the Arab world, to finally bring about the "king of the south" of Daniel 11:40-45. This king of the south will be a united Arab confederacy and its LEADING nation will be Egypt.  The new generation in the Arab world is now rising up to say the old must go and the new must come in.  The new thinking from the new generation is 21st century, the Internet, the Cell phone, the iPad generation, which will change the Arab nations in the next few years. It must come about to bring to fruition the appearing of the "king of the south" in Bible prophecy.

You are seeing this prophecy starting to take shape right before your eyes. There is a God in heaven. He has inspired His word from those He inspired to write it down. Thousands of years ago it was written for this end time. Only the Enteral of this universe could tell you thousands of years in advance what WILL TAKE PLACE in our day. This alone is PROOF that God does exist!

It was told, it was written, thousands of years ago that Joseph Israel would be a brother people that would become a nation and a company of nations - that they would inherit the richest physical blessing of the earth, a people richer in physical wealth than ANY people have ever been in the entirety of history. They would also be the GREATEST military power the world has ever seen. It's all in the book of Genesis, the promises given to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph.  It's all there to read, even a child can read it and look around and see this prophecy fulfilled right before our eyes. If you are using any natural logic of mind, you'll know who these people are.

Then God told Daniel and so also in the book of Revelation that there would come a 7 resurrection Holy Roman Empire. I have shown you in my study called "The Beasts of Daniel and Revelation" that history records we have had 6 of those resurrections. The 7th one is taking shape in Europe right now in your life time. Yes it has taken 60 years to get where it is, but it did start, and it is continuing to form. It will be finally the Power that will bring destruction on the Western world for the 3rd time in modern history, and will for a very short time RULE the Western world.

But before it does all that, this Europe Beast Holy Roman Empire will have a conflict with the united Arab "king of the south" and the Europe king of the north will come crashing down on the king of the south, destroying its power and unity. Then the Beast/Babylon of Europe will move into the Holy Land, its armies will surround Jerusalem and Jerusalem will fall, the city will fall in destruction, the Wailing Wall will come crashing down thus fulfilling Jesus words in the first verses of Matthew 24. The Jewish State will fall under the iron heel once more of the Holy Roman Empire,  the Jews and Christians living there at that time will have to flee to save their lives, thousands of Jews will not make it, they will die. And then it will turn on the rest of the Western world and bring it all under subjection - the horrific THIRD world war will have begun, millions will die, a time of TRIBULATION such as never before seen on this earth, and the last 42 months as spoken about in the book of Revelation will have arrived, a time of unimaginable physical destruction on earth that Jesus Christ must come to stop or no flesh would survive.

The good news beyond all the bad is that Jesus will come to raise the saints - change them to immortality, to meet Him in the clouds, the air, and to come to the city of Jerusalem, to establish the Kingdom of God on earth. And the age to come that has been promised from the beginning, will have arrived. All this in detail is explained in many studies on my website (

Yes Bible prophecy is taking shape right before your eyes. Keep your eyes on Egypt and the Arab world,  for eventually you will see it become the king of the south.


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