Friday, January 7, 2011

The great National Geographic TV channel

It's hard to keep up today with everything out there in technology and TV channels.

I recently changed over to another supplier for my Computers, Phone, and TV.

The package deal I wanted was the "news and educational" channels. And hence I discovered the famous National Geographic magazine have a TV channel - yes I did not know, I had not heard nor had anyone every mentioned it to me. With limited time (I still have a pretty busy life) it is hard to keep up with everything educational out there.

Tonight was the first time I tuned in. And what a pleasant surprise. This first program I've seen on this channel was all about the building, and the why and how it had to be built, of the largest airplane ever made - the AIRBUS from Europe.

It took an Eagle, from a certain part of the world, and how it flies with its relative short wing-span, bicycle pumps, aluminum and glass combination, an old rocket power from way back, and the types as to what they perform in real life, and lo-and-be-hold you have the mind of man able to build an unbelievable two story, 800 plus passenger plane, that had to meet certain air-port regulations. Truly a marvel.

Well if you have not got the National Geographical  TV channel you may like to seriously consider it, for you and your children, even just for yourself if you have no children at home.

So the USA has to cut expenses, I guess so with the trillion plus thrown into the pie to try and stimulate the job market. They have announced the military budget will be cut, after 10 years in Iraq and Afghanistan and the cost it has brought upon the tax payer, I guess we should not be surprised by the cut in the military cost. Just to keep the machines repaired is huge in such a war. The cost of feeding and all kinds of the small things we seldom think about, that an army need to keep ticking over, all adds up to a huge amount.
The Germans have ended compulsory army duty - all will be volunteers now, yet they claim they will have a better more professional army, more skilled, and what more else you are supposed to get with a volunteer army.

The job stats in the USA is down to 9.4 but they admit that is deceptive as it does not take into account all the people who have given up on looking for work.
Once more the top guys down from Obama are openly saying it may be 4 or 5 years before the USA is anywhere near to employment before the Wall Street and Banker goons took the world into recession.

We had some strange flocks of birds in some parts of the world, just dropping dead out of the sky,  groups of fish also in some parts. Nobody at the present seems to know the exact reason why, unless some are keeping it as "classified" material to be hidden away in secret cabinets in secret locations, away from the public and even the news media. Time will tell if the "this is why" will ever become known by the masses of the world. Naturally and to be expected, some religious people are claiming the end of the world is near. Obviously such folks do not understand even the basics of Bible prophecy and what must form among the nations of the earth before Jesus can return. My website ( goes into the prophecies of the Bible in great detail, and so I do also on Youtube (1horsesrcool).

Australia is still dealing with a vast flood (the size of France and Germany combined) - that is hard for the mind to really grasp - a flood that size. And there may not be any relief for a while so they say. Thousands of people see their houses under water and dirt and the damage it does - is physically and emotionally heart-breaking.
Crazy weather in other parts of the world continues, while cold Canada (as it was famous for, besides snow) is having its now general "not so cold" winter, and the North Pole and Greenland continue to melt, while Britain and Europe battle a worst winter snow and ice than last year and it was bad enough for them last winter.

In World Sport - England beat the Australians for the cricket "ashes" - and England was playing down under; they won the 5 test series 3 to 1. Last time they did that on Australia soil was back in about the middle 1980s. Needless to say the Brits are partying, their International Soccer team has done not very much on the soccer stage for years now.

The junior World Hockey gold medal held in the USA went to Russia, after they came back against the Canadians 3-0, scoring 5 goals to gain the victory. Canadian people are still wondering what on earth happened to the Canadian team to fade away so shockingly. I'm sure the Canadian team members are wondering about it all as well.

We'll soon see which teams will get into the USA Football Super Bowl, and see if it can be a story book ending for one of the teams.

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