Sunday, January 30, 2011

The movie RITE

The new movie called RITE is about the Roman Catholic church.  Went to see it because I was interested in seeing how the RC church would be put forth to the world. IT is all about the making of the RC exorcists!  Of course the RC church teaches there is a God and Christ is the Son of God. They teach there is a demon world, that the demons have names as do the righteous angels. They teach correctly that MANY become demon influenced and/or demon possessed. They have "schools" of learning all this side of Christianity, and indeed learning and moving forward to become an "exorcist" for the RC church.

This move is about one such young fellow becoming eventually an exorcist for the RC church.

Overall then it picture the RC church is a positive light as it battles the demonic world.

Many then will see the RC church as on the side of God, fighting the evil forces of Satan the Devil.

Hence this movie will help the cause of the RC church hold on to and even expand its ONE BILLION plus membership around the world.

What about people possessed by demons (one or more) and at times the success of the RC church's exorcists to cast out the demons?  It could well be so, for we must remember the heart and mind of those possessed and/or the people bringing the possessed to an RC church's exorcist, is that they are looking to God in the name of Christ to cast out the demon/s - they are not looking to some man or some church per se hence God could indeed honor the individuals faith or faith of those bringing such people demonically influenced or possessed to the exorcist.

And it could be so for other Christian denominations that have "faith" prayers etc. for such people in their midst also. As long as they are looking towards God and Christ for deliverance from demons, the Father will often honor their faith towards Him, no matter what church "organization" they belong to.

And so with this knowledge we are also to be careful that we do not put this miracle deliverance in the position where we take this to prove that a certain Christian "denomination" is of God and is part of the true body of Christ, hence we then ignore the false teachings and practices of theology that that Christian organization proclaims.

Despite success with exorcism at times in the Roman Catholic church, she is still the Whore Babylon Mystery religion of the book of Revelation, that has made the whole earth drunk with her spiritual fornications, and is drunk with the blood of the saints, as history so clearly records.

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