Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Nations Reflect

Today is one year since the Haiti earthquake that killed hundreds of thousands and injured just as many.
Sad to say most of the rubble is still there - uncleared.  Sad to say the rebuilding of the country is SLOW, mighty slow.
The people are a wonderful example of hope in terrible times. They sing, they pray, to go on with going on.
I pray the world will move forward in greater speed to serve and help them in 2011. Many charity organizations are plugging away to help them.

The USA reflects over the shooting in Tucson, Arizona that happened last Saturday.  A noted troubled young man of 22 years old, went on a killing rampage. It is the ongoing saga of a country born on violence and guns, still many who tote the guns for violent purposes towards other people, for what reason? Maybe political, maybe frustration, maybe anger over this or that, and maybe just mentally crazy people, who blow their top. Sad world of the life in the USA.

AUSTRALIA just getting over the largest floods in its history. An area the size of France and Germany combined - that is truly incredible. The loss of life and property is unimaginable.

The East coast of the USA is under another snow storm, and both sides of Canada the same. The prairies of Canada has not had a huge amount of snow and not the -30 F that we can get for a week or so in January. Here in Calgary next week it is to warm up to over the freezing mark, so some of our snow will be melting away.

I've thrown off some "friends" from my friends list on Facebook. Some desire to be friends with me so they can send out their "theology" - some of it being "Jewish roots" or "Messianic Hebrew" stuff.  I've gone over all that theology many years ago, found it unbalanced and often just plain WRONG, and often a degrading of Paul, because they cannot understand him.  Then some want to be "friends" to blow forth their silly ideas and crazy prophecies and date setting - just from planet Pluto with their ideas - and they say Pluto is worthless as a planet, hence so are these ideas from "prophets" and "preachers" that go under the name of Christ.
Jesus indeed said MANY would come in the last days who would say that Christ is the Christ but would deceive MANY!!
The flock of God Jesus said would be the "little flock" - in the Greek it means the VERY LITTLE flock, and so the "salt of the earth" - sprinkled here and there - a few here and a few there - a congregation over there and another one here. We also live in the age of the Laodicea church - those who think they are just fine spiritually, they have pride, conceit, and cannot see they are naked and blind. Jesus tells them in the book of Revelation to get some eye ointment and open their eyes to what they need to see and admit. Many of them still follow the man called Herbert W. Armstrong who died nearly 30 years ago. They have organizations that are founded on him and ministers still alive who build their ministry on his dead grave. And their followers love to have it so. They also cannot see straight and are vainly blinded because to admit the errors of HWA would mean they have to admit they followed a man who became a false prophet - a man of such ego he was willing to let his organization place him directly under Jesus Christ in authority over the church of Christ. But such are the ways and eventual doings of churches that become a cult unto themselves.
There is a book on my Website you need to read called "Churches that Abuse" by Ronald Enroth.

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