Sunday, January 23, 2011

The MOVE in Arab nations!

If your watching the news, you will be seeing the huge movement in many of the Arab nations. The people are tired of Arab dictators!!

Now this could well be the start of something very important in the future for Arab nations.

There is to come at the time of the end a "king of the south" (Daniel 11:40-45)  led by Egypt. This would not be possible while all the Arab nations have dictators, they would all be untrusting of each other and self-seeking. But with a more open and free Arab countries, in time they would all be willing to unite behind a leading and powerful Egypt. This will all be especially true as the world moves into a three part world confederation - a Massive United Europe - a huge China/Russia/India power, and then an Arab power to compete with the other two.

Prophecy is marching on. We are certainly into the days that Jesus said would come at the end - MANY false Christian teachers, coming in the name of Christ, but deceiving the MANY - the Internet and Youtube has hundreds of them, if not thousands, and all the popular churches of Christendom are full of them. We certainly are seeing more and more earthquakes and famine, food shortage, and crazy weather all around the earth.

So things are progressing to the final last years of this age, but how long to those final years....ah only the Father in heaven knows. We must just keep watching world events in the light of Bible prophecy.

The USA and China have agreed to some pretty large trading rights between each other, probably Obama is hoping this will create USA jobs, which are pretty slow in coming, and millions still out of work. This coming Tuesday the President's speech to the nation and to all Republicans and Democrats, will no doubt focus on the job issue and the economy. I'm sure he'll try to be positive and encouraging, but as they say words are cheap, the real test will be in the coming months of this year.

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