Tuesday, December 6, 2011

FOX News "muppets" brianwashing children

So Fox News has gone on the attack saying the new "muppet" movie (and for decades before) have hated
oil guys and corporate America.  Fox says they forget oil heats our homes and hospitals and etc.

Well of course oil does that, BUT attacking oil is the point of attacking the SLOW SLOW MOVE AWAY FROM OIL, which we could have done decades ago (with our space age inventions) but yes corporate oil giants and etc. DO NOT WANT OIL TO BE GONE!!!! Oil lines their rich pockets.....and the fact is the gap between the rich and poor is INCREASING all the time.

Last night on Canadian CBC it was revealed the top 10 percent of the wealthy are INCREASING their wealth FASTER than the bottom 10 percent are increasing their wealth....well that is how it is in Canada, that is the fact.

Corporate America....well if you mean Fall/Wall Street guys and the Bankers, YES they need to be REGULATED MORE, pull them in, make laws for them to follow. Canada is way ahead on that matter than the USA and obviously the silly European countries....who are in a mess, that is a MESS, that could yet bring the West to its knees. Canada has laws governing Finance and Bankers, hence we did not go anywhere near into the recession that Europe and the USA did.

Time for FOX News to go on a fox hunt and fly over the ditch into the reality of what SHOULD BE DONE and that is GET RID OF OIL and go space age modern tech. And indeed put some chains on corporate America, and chains on the CRAZY amount of money made by "sports stars" and "Hollywood idols" and the HUGE BONUSES some people get for doing a job, which far too many of them get FAR TOO MUCH money for in the first place.

God in His word to Israel, the nations of the West, pulls no punches, and tells us we have our PRIORITIES ALL MESSED UP, INSIDE OUT AND OUTSIDE IN, and one day we shall have our riches all taken from us, our lover enemies will come and DESTROY us and bring us to our knees in humble REPENTANCE!!

The prophecies of how all this will yet happen is on my website (keithhunt.com) in full detail as I expound to you the prophetic books of the Bible.

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