Sunday, December 18, 2011

USA "Housing" problem! Coral-reef off Cuba! Streep the actress!

Tonight on "60 Minutes" it was a most interesting hour.

First was the housing problem in the USA. We know about 11 MILLION homes are under the "banks" foreclosing.

With that comes the fact that the house becomes empty and as often happens the not so nice guys/gals "loot" the house, often causing also destruction. Then YOUR home next to it or on the same block goes DOWN in price! Now many own a mortgage that is MORE than the house is worth, i.e. you have a $1000,000 mortgage and your house is worth only $50,000!!

Add to all this the fact that banks after they foreclose are not taking up the house, to keep it up and try to re-sell - ain't any buyers out there in any number. So the bank walks away from the house also - and so the looters walk in and soon the house is trashed! And so your neighborhood is trashed.

That is the sad fact as to what is going on in the USA housing world.

I did not know that Cuba has a Coral-reef - yes it does - around some islands south of the main-land Cuba. We were taken there. My oh my what a wonderful place. Healthy coral and all the fish that go with such a coral in a healthy state. Many sharks but the 60 Minute guy was told not to fear they would not attack. Down they went - what beauty!!

25 percent of coral-reefs are gone today, and another 25 percent will be gone by 2050 or sooner if we do not mend our ways.

This coral-reef was declared by the Cuban Government many years ago, to be a sanctuary - off limits to commercial fishing. It was to be preserved in all its glory - Castro was a scuba diver, and he said the coral-reef was to be preserved. The law is ONLY 1,000 people can go there each year. And of course not to destroy, any fish caught are to be put back, hence no fishing to kill fish!

The coral-reefs of the world are important for the health of the physical seas and the population of fish.

Meryl Streep was interviewed. Her latest movie out soon - the iron lady - the life of Margaret Thatcher - the 10 year Prime Minister of Britain.

OH what a fantastic job of being Mrs. Thatcher she does.

The interview went through how Streep got started - in acting school - early roles - and on into many of her movies. She is 62 years old - has four children. Been married to the same man for 35 years.

She has always been one of my favorite gal actors. She is indeed very talented, and has done many different types of roles in her career.

She was asked if doing Mrs. Thatcher brought things in that ladies life that were also in Streep's life.
She said that Thatcher was brought up to be a "good" person with old traditional values, and said that she was brought up likewise and wanted to be known as a "good" person in the old traditional ways as it was 60 years ago or more.

A very fine and interesting 60 Minutes it was this evening of December 18th 2011.

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