Saturday, December 24, 2011

Syria and Europe and "I Bought a Zoo" movie

So the mad-dog dictator of Syria continues his beastly killings of his people. Now Canada had come out in no uncertain way to say he must "go" - and has brought sanctions of freezing trade and money to Syria. The Arab league is against him. Europe and the UN are against him. I'm sure the USA is also.

The world by and large says he must GO!!!!

And the nations of the West at least believe it is only a matter of time before this mad-dog dictator is gone, but some think it will be a fight to the end, where he will needs have to be taken down in a hail of bullets.

Europe is still in BIG TROUBLES, some say this is right others say that is right, some want them to do this, others want them to do that, and the arguments of what to do to pull out of recession as it could go in 2012, is still a debate.

On a good note. The new movie "I Bought a Zoo" based on a true story is: SUPERB, GREAT, WONDERFUL, INSPIRING, and just a beautiful movie for the whole family. If you have children, pack them up and all go and see this movie. Put it on your list to purchase when it comes out to buy.

My Dad is mentally doing much better, after having the minor stroke. Still cannot walk, but mentally doing well. I go out tomorrow the 25th to be with him for 10 days, to move out his apartment (must now go to a 24/7 facility) sell or give away his furniture - go through all the personal family things, send them back to Calgary for me now to have. I must get power of attorney to look after his finances for him, as he now will never have the mind to do that anymore.
I will have access to a computer so will post here on my blog. But no new Youtube studies or new studies on my website until I'm back in Calgary on January 3rd.

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