Saturday, December 24, 2011

The world (good part of it) and CHRIST-MASS

So once more the world, at least a very good part of it, in one form or another celebrates Christ-MASS.

The Pope wants people to cast their mind off the commercialization of the winter Festival known as "Christmas."

The British Queen and the Church of England, that really is very Roman Catholic but from bot accepting the Pope as head of the church. They are all in the same bed as the Catholics on Christmas.

The Protestant world is also in the same bed with the Roman Catholics and Church of England, when it comes to the celebration of Christmas.

On the news tonight they showed the Pope and the massive expensive wealth as he did his MASS in Rome.

The "Christian" world, those who call themselves Christian, are about 1.5 BILLION - or one in every 6 people on earth. And of that number 99 percent observe Christ-mass.

A quick historic look into this winter feast, will tell you that "Christmass" was not observed even in the large Roman Catholic church until about 400 years after the dead and resurrection of Christ.
Yes no Christians observed this winter feast for about 400 years after Jesus' resurrection from the dead. But it was certainly being observed, and had been for thousands of years. It was the pagan winter festival of the sun going down in length of time and then starting to rise again in length of time.

The Bible makes it very clear and all "scholars" of Christendom agree, Jesus could not have been born in December. But that is all now put to one side. The pagans coming into the Roman Catholic church wanted to still observe the winter festival of December; so the Roman Catholic church ADOPTED the feast and baptized it so to speak, and made it .... well they will say "Christian."

The Roman Christian church adopted many other things that are NOT in the Bible, a lot of those things directly from the pagan world.

You need to go to my website and study my studies on "Christmas" and the "modern" Santa Claus. Then go to my expounding of the book of Revelation on "The New Testament Bible Story" or the book my book "The Biblical Prophets for Today."

The modern Babylon Mystery Religion that has made all nations drunk with the wine of her fornication (spiritual fornication) is revealed in the Bible and in history.

Truly this prophecy HAS and IS continuing to be fulfilled - more of the world is accepting in some form, the false customs and traditions and festivals of the Roman Catholic church.

God cries out in Revelation 18 to His true people: "Come out of her my people, that you be not partakers of her sins, that you be not partakers of her plagues" (v.4).

One day the Eternal God will bring this whole false so-called "Christian" system to a smashing fall. Jesus will return and the true knowledge of the Lord will cover this earth as the waters cover the sea beds. So it will be and so it will come to pass.

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