Tuesday, January 3, 2012

So here come the REPUBLICANS!!

It stars in Iowa....and two guys are tied.

Santorum is the big news...and I see tonight from his speech he brings up the people (meaning Republicans) "have stuck to their guns and the Bible"

Well here we go with the Republican "religion" - the so-called "tea-party" fundamentalism.

Bush boy Jr. was supposed to have it BUT he could NOT STOP ABORTION taking place in the USA, neither could President Reagan.

The Republicans have not a clue about the true religion of the Bible, and what they do have they have not the POWER to turn back the tide of sin and secularism in the USA.

Libya..... yes they have started to fight among themselves, and killing each other. They are a long way from peace and stability and a democratic society. The Arab world is a long way from forming the "king of the south" that will rise in end-time prophecy - a united Arab union that will "push at" the "king of the north" - the Beast Roman/Babylon Empire yet to rise in Europe.

The "fat cell." The only science place in the world (in Texas) to go into the fat cell itself and find the facts on fat cells. Yep our obese world - people getting fatter and fatter and more and more all the time, NOW around the ENTIRE world! Well they have discovered the fat cell can and does grow more fat cells, yes the fat cell multiplies or gives birth to little fat cells, little baby fat cells, that then grow up to be more big fat cells, which means people get fatter!!!

Now this science lab is working on a drug that will turn off the "blood supply" to the big fat cell so it cannot produce baby fat cells, so people can just remain "fat" or "obese" but not get fatter. How nice. Stabilize things with a drug! So society is kinda giving up on trying to get people to eat LESS and eat BETTER healthier food, for it just does not seem to be working, so got to try and go with a drug of some sort to at least keep people on a level of "fat" and not go into obesity fat that goes into even more obesity fat.

As one "expert doctor" said, "The old 'push yourself away from the table' philosophy ain't working much any more, nor the ads to eat healthier, and exercise more."

It is interesting as this Texas lab found out. Monkey's fed and fed and fed more, would eat and eat and eat more, get nice and fat and then just not exercise .... they just sat around and got fat, did not desire to exercise, just liked to eat and sit around and eat more. Ya just like most humans that eat and eat and eat more and get fat cells that can now produce baby fat cells, that grow up to be big fat cells, which create more baby fat cells, that grow up to be big fat cells. And the wheel just keeps a-turning. Well for now it does until they can find this drug to cut off the blood supply to the big fat cells so they cannot produce baby fat cells that grow up to be more big fat cells......YES I'm going around in circles as big fat cells have now been PROVEN to do - multiply themselves in circles, with little help from us needed once you get too fat.

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