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Crude Black MOLASSES #4




Mr. L.- Hands very red and swollen with dermatitis. He was
induced to soak his hands frequently in water to which some
Molasses had been added, and to take Molasses several times a
day. The cure was complete in six weeks. This is very different
from the suppressive treatment which unfortunately many
unenlightened skin specialists advocate; their usual procedure
being to use ointments which, although they may cure the local
condition are apt later on to give rise to something worse - not
uncommonly asthma, as many homoepaths are aware. Seeing that a
skin disease is an attempt on the part of Nature to rid the body
of certain poisons, to suppress that attempt by smearing on
ointments is surely to drive those poisons back into the body and
so frustrate Nature. It would not even be wise merely to apply
diluted Molasses, despite its healing properties, for it is
essential that the patient should take the substance internally
at the same time so as to get rid of that condition of the blood
and tissues which is primarily responsible for the disorder.
Experience over a period of nine years has proved that the
Molasses-treatment is a rational and natural-scientific method of
curing skin diseases. These include dry eczema, weeping eczema,
and even some types of psoriasis.



High Blood Pressure, according to biochemists of the Dr.
Schussler School, is frequently associated with arteriosclerosis,
and like most afflictions that are curable at all, is due to a
deficiency of certain of the essential mineral salts. But whether
the reader is prepared to accept this dictum or not, the fact
remains that the most gratifying results have been obtained in
many cases by the Molasses-treatment plus the juice of one lemon
a day. How is this to be accounted for without making too much
demand on the reader's credulity? Simply by realizing that the
cause of high blood pressure lies in the fact that the arteries
have lost their elasticity and have got hardened and "blocked,"
as it were, so that it is difficult for the blood to circulate
through them without a much increased effort on the part of the
heart. Yet, as we learn from the Schussler Biochemic System, they
would not lose their elasticity if one or more of the required
mineral salts were not lacking to preserve it. These salts being
present in Molasses, that is why cases of high blood pressure
have been cured by that aliment. Incidentally, though of great
importance, Molasses contains ingredients which are very
strengthening to the heart muscles. Also, it would seem, that it
contains anti-spasm ingredients, notably magnesium, seeing that
Mr. Persson reports cases of angina pectoris being cured by the
treatment. As for weak heart, it has been known for a long time
by orthodox doctors (though they often forget it) that brown
sugar is good for that condition. But Crude Black Molasses is far
superior to ordinary sugar for the purpose because of the
concentration of mineral salts which it contains.
Mr. Persson reports the cases of a number of men who were not
granted licences to drive their cars owing to "bad hearts." After
taking Molasses for six weeks they were cured, and able to obtain
their licences. Even "hopeless" cases have recovered, as, for
instance, the following: The sufferer, a Mr. K., was in such a
condition that his doctor said he might live at the most a week.
In fact the physicians had intimated that "nothing more could be
done for him." Nevertheless after taking Molasses for a time he
made a complete recovery - a matter which was considered "an
absolute miracle"!

Since writing the above, reports of several gratifying cases in
England have come to hand, from which the following may be
selected. Lady, aged 63. For some three to four years had
suffered from various ailments, and particularly from recurrent
heart attacks. The patient would wake in the night with violent
palpitation, pain, a feeling of suffocation and fright. The face
was hot and flushed. Her doctor prescribed remedies, which gave
temporary relief but failed to effect a cure. The patient was
growing more and more depressed and dissatisfied with life. She
was then sent a copy of the first edition of this book, and
contrived to obtain some Molasses. After taking it for several
weeks, I received a grateful letter from her saying that she
"felt an entirely different woman." No more malaise, no more
heart attacks. A further letter from her after several months had
passed reported that there had been no return of the trouble. She
continued to take the Molasses and was so pleased with the
results that she was recommending the treatment to all her ailing
friends. Similar cases could be cited did space permit.

I will conclude this section with a brief mention of a case of
cardiac thrombosis (blood clot). The sufferer was a railway
worker who had been obliged to give up his job for life owing to
his condition. He was induced to try the Molasses and was so
pleased with the results that he was able to go back to work - a
fit man. The potassium and other mineral salts in the aliment had
dispersed the clot. I may add that potassium is one of the chief
salts used by biochemic practitioners for the cure of thrombosis.



Constipation is the bugbear of civilization, and a goldmine to
the manufacturing chemists. The obvious reason is that the bulk
of people live on deficiency foods, or what the Americans call
processed foods; moreover the advent of the motor-car has caused
people to take less exercise. Consequently the chemists advertise
hundreds of different kinds of laxatives, and the healthfood
manufacturers sell quantities and varieties of cereals (in
packets) calculated to move the bowels. These are well enough in
their way, and useful to counteract the bad effects of deficiency
flour; but if it were made compulsory which Gad forbid - for
people to eat wholemeal bread complete with the wheat germ, these
"packet-foods" would be superfluous; nor would I need to draw
attention to Molasses as a mild and natural evacuent, which
undoubtedly it is.
We are told nowadays that constipation comes from an insufficient
amount of bulk and roughage, which dictum is only a half-truth,
for a great deal of costiveness comes from the fact that the
bowels have lost tone because they have not been supplied with
the necessary mineral salts to cause them to function properly.
And here is where Molasses proves so valuable, for the salts it
contains help to re-establish muscular tone if taken sufficiently
to effect this desideratum. This does not mean that Molasses will
cure every case of constipation, especially if sufferers live and
have lived for years on a "rubbishy" diet of white bread, meat
and boiled vegetables of which all the valuable salts have been
thrown down the sink. In such cases other measures are required -
not purgatives which make matters worse the longer they are
resorted to, but measures which are natural as opposed to
medicinal, i.e., assist Nature in a mechanical manner without
producing offensive manifestations. To be explicit: all that is
needed is a teaspoonful of linseed, or even a little more if
necessary. These seeds should be washed through a sieve or
tea-strainer, then swallowed with a little water. Their action is
twofold; they swell and produce bulk, and at the same time the
oil is liberated and acts as a natural and harmless lubricant. As
linseed is no more a poison to human beings than canary seed is a
poison to canaries, it can be taken every night without the least
harm. In any event, where indicated, it should be taken for at
least a month, in that its good effects are cumulative.
I mention this harmless evacuent because if people who are
treating themselves with Molasses, say, for heart trouble,
imagine they can at the same time wisely take their daily dose of
liquid paraffin - that being the fashion at present - they are
mistaken, the reason being, so it is now contended, that
medicinal paraffin is apt to interfere with the absorption of
certain vitamins, and some doctors even go so far as to say it
interferes with the absorption of one's food in general.

The value of black treacle as a mild aperient has been recognised
by homoeopaths for a long time. The modus operandi is to dissolve
a teaspoonful of it in a tumbler of water, then sip it while
dressing in the morning. Nevertheless Crude Black Molasses is far
superior to black treacle for the purpose of producing an
evacuation. In obstinate cases a dessertspoonful, or even a
tablespoonful, should be taken in warm water, on rising, in
addition to the daily doses with meals. The practice should be
kept up for four to six weeks to effect the cure.

Colitis is another disease of so-called civilization; though
admittedly the name is used to cover a variety of
conditions--such as diarrhoea of old people. Reports are to hand
of cases cured by taking Molasses internally and using enemas in
the following way:

Melt a teaspoonful of Molasses in hot water, then add 3 pts. of
water so that the temperature of the enema be blood-heat. To
obtain the best effects, enemata may be taken every day for the
first week, every other day the second week, and every two days
the third week. Then discontinued; except in cases of bowel
growths, where persistence may be necessary.



I was recently told by that remarkable scientist and
haematologist, Mme. M. de Chrapowicki, that certain naturopaths
in America had been using Molasses for varicose veins, having
long since known of its healing properties. The treatment is
perfectly rational, seeing that when taken internally it makes
good that deficiency of mineral salts which is the prime cause of
this annoying and often debilitating condition. Reports of
several cures in this country have recently come to hand.



(1) A boy who had been very dull and backward mentally, was put
on to the Molasses-treatment by his father. He is now as bright
and healthy as the rest of the family.
(2) An X-ray photograph revealed that a certain man had a patch
on his lung. He was induced to try Molasses, and after taking it
for a given period was X-rayed a second time; the radiograph
showed a complete disappearance of the patch.
(3) A Maori girl was said by the doctors to be suffering from
tuberculosis of the lung. But whether the diagnosis was correct,
or not, she was undoubtedly in very poor health. After taking a
course of Molasses, her health was restored to normality.
(4) A man was in much pain with a poisoned finger. He also had a
lump under his arm. The poisoned finger was treated locally with
Molasses compresses, and healed in three days. The lump under his
arm vanished as the result of taking Molasses internally.
(5) Cases of sinus trouble have yielded to the treatment in a
most gratifying manner. For this complaint, the substance must be
taken internally, and a mild solution of it (proportions the same
as for an enema) used as a nasal douche. The same measures have
also been found very beneficial in cases of nasal catarrh. Antrum
trouble should also be mentioned in this connection.
(6) Mr. Persson reports a case of erysipelas cured with Molasses;
and the doctor in attendance advised the patient to continue
taking the aliment in view of its beneficial result.
(7) Before Mr. Persson took Molasses, he was suffering from
pyorrhoea, as already stated. Pyorrhoea is a constitutional
disease with local manifestation. The doctors advocate extraction
of the teeth so as to liberate the poisons, but the real cause of
the trouble lies in a deficiency of certain of the mineral salts,
hence Molasses-therapy is more rational and less expensive, and
should be tried before drastic measures are adopted. Molasses
diluted should be used as a mouthwash as well as taken internally
in the prescribed manner. As an adjunct to the treatment the
biochemic cell-salts, Kali mur., Cale. flour, Nat. phos., all in
the 6x potency can be taken in a combination tablet (three
tablets twice daily). When improving, then Cale. sulph. 6X and
Silica 12X. can be taken concurrently (E. F. W. Powell, D. Sc,).

To be continued

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