Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I do not know if your area shows BOLLYWOOD (India) movies - our area Calgary has one place that shows them regularly along with Hollywood movies of course.

The 'Bollywood' movie "Agneepath" --- well it is a masterpiece - one of the BEST yet to come from India. It is nearly 3 hours long.

It is a gritty action drama superbly done and acted by all. The leading lady is a beauty from India, very strikingly pretty. The leading man is a good-looking strong feature Hollywood type.

It is about the "drug world" of India, and is something that in the most part could very well happen in that world of India.

The climax and ending is brilliantly strong though sad for the leading heroes - sad but victoriously sad.

The music and dancing that nearly all Bollywood movies have is brightly colorful and full of life.
Of course the colors in India are vibrant hence the color jumps out at you.

It's English sub-titled but it does not take away from the gritty intense power and story of the movie. This is a movie that I would certainly buy for my movie collection.

Yes a masterfully done production and indeed well directed in all ways.

If you get a chance to see it - do so. Two thumbs up from me. A good 9 out of 10 or more from me.

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