Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Towns broke in the USA/Canada winterless!

On CBC TV news tonight was a piece on San Jose - and some other towns in California - broke
and/or going broke.

To much being paid out to police and firemen, and the "retirement pension" plans.

Some new building being built, like a huge public Library, that has no books and no staff - just no money to pay for books and staff.

All Western countries are heading for the problem of a massive population of over 65 years people - the "baby boomers" retiring, and no where near a "working" population to take their place.

And with the 2008 smash crash of a false money economy of the West .... well it has led to many towns in the USA finding themselves BROKE and do not have the money they falsely thought would go on forever (before 2008 attitude).

Truly a situation never seen since the great depression of the 1930s.


Yes MOST of Canada this winter so far, has not had a winter, from one end to the other - an unusual mild winter, not many winter storms, certainly not like some the USA has had.

It is not to do with the sea waters in the Pacific but the very unusual "Jet Stream" STAYING well up in the North, hence no Arctic air coming down into Canada's middle and southern lands.

Then Eastern Europe is just the opposite - smashed with cold and snow - many have died, mainly the homeless they say, but the worst winter for much of Eastern Europe in decades.

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