Saturday, February 18, 2012

Kevin Costner on Whitney Houston

Just finished watching Kevin Costner's speech at the memorial service for Whitney Houston.

Well if anyone was wondering he told us that he like Whitney grew up in a "baptist" church.

He told us the funny situation of Whitney's "screen test" for the movie "The Bodyguard" - the make-up melting and running down her face under the bright hot lights, and how they had to stop, but how shed was the right female to play the part, It was her first acting role and indeed she was the right female, absolutely the right one - she was terrific in that part. Kevin said many men could have played his part, but she was the only one for the girl in that movie.

Kevin, as would be expected from churches like the Baptist church, and well all Roman Catholic and Protestant churches for that matter, Whitney has been escorted by myriads of angels to God in heaven, who would say "How did I create something so wonderful" and that she would be singing in His presence and would do "just fine" (she doubted herself in being cast in that movie with Kevin).

Welllll.....yes God's creations are wonderful, all of them, and I'm sure He does not have to wonder about it. Yes He does have a great plan for ALL human beings who have ever been conceived. That plan is expounded for you on my website under a study called "A Christian's Destiny."

NO, Whitney is NOT up in heaven singing before the Father. No we do NOT have an automatic immortal soul that either goes to heaven or hell at death. No the good works of Whitney did not out number the bad works, and so she qualified to be in heaven. No, none of these things make Whitney "up in heaven."

The truth of the matter is Whitney Houston was not CALLED in this lifer time. She was NOT called and chosen to be a true saint of the Lord. All of her religious upbringing and talents and her fall into a life style of drugs and alcohol abuse, does not mean anything for salvation in this lifetime she had. She was not called to salvation....she was blinded to God's real truth....BUT that does NOT mean she will not have a chance for salvation. She like many BILLIONS before her, from the beginning, will ONE DAY be RAISED TO PHYSICAL LIFE AGAIN, and have a full, open, chance of finding real salvation and eternal life in the family or Kingdom of God.

YOU need to go on my website and study my studies called "The Great White Throne Judgment" and "Called and Chosen - When?"

They will give you the good news from your Bible, of the plan of salvation that God the Father is working out here below. All will in the Father's time, have a chance to accept Jesus as Savior and walk the straight and narrow path to eternal life.

Whitney Houston lies ASLEEP in death for now, until the dawn of the GREAT WHITE THRONE JUDGMENT DAY, and the blessing of a new physical life and being shown the true light of the Word of God, and the power of the Spirit of God to walk in the way of the Lord, and so into eternal life.

Praise be to the Father and Christ Jesus. Wonderful indeed are the ways of God!

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