Friday, May 27, 2011

All Mine to Give

Today I saw a wonderful, joyful, sad, and loving movie. I had sent for it from

I specifically sent for it because the leading lady was Glynis Johns. I saw her first at the age of 8 and my Mom asked me what I thought of her. I said she "has a baby face." Mom laughed but agreed. So I always knew her from then on as "baby face."

Oh to me she was pretty, even at the age of eight I thought she was so pretty, with eyes that just captivated you. She was a Welsh gal, so I had already a soft spot for her as I was born in Wales.

Now there have been some pretty gal film stars over the decades, but Glynis and Marilyn (you know the Marilyn I'm thinking of) ..... well they to me were right up there at the top (with Lucille Ball and Dale Evens....many I think miss how pretty Lucille Ball was). It was a real shame Hollywood messed up Marilyn, she never wanted to be what Hollywood wanted her to be. And she really did have some great talent. Hollywood never messed up Glynis, though she had those baby face looks like Marilyn.

In this movie "All Mine to Give" you get some great close up shots of Gylnis' baby looks face, as well as her acting ability, and the fine acting of children also. Glynis was also so very good and pretty in the famous Danny Kaye movie (also good family movie) "The Court Jester."

This movie is certainly a different movie about "family" - love, and indeed the way it was for some families in 19th century of the United States.
On the back cover it say:

"All Mine to Give" followers pioneers Mamie and Robert Eunson (Glynis Johns and Cameron Mitchell) through hardship, hard work, and joy in 19th-century Wisconsin as they raise a family united by love. It's a love that will stay with the children after their parents are tragically gone, giving them the strength to turn terrible loss into a triumph of the human spirit.

The the movie certainly shows all that.  You need some Kleenex near by with this one.

A nice tender movie that we as families need to emulate, and instill in our children, for it can be true, we do not know how long we are granted on this earth.

The movie by the way is in great "technicolor" - yes one for you and your family.

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