Sunday, May 8, 2011

The FALL of Osama bin Laden!!

The famous TV shows "20/20" and "60 Minutes" -  both had 1 hour long stories on the fall of Bin Laden.

The 20/20 program was on Friday evening last - May 6th.

You can find it on their Youtube website.

The 60 Minute show had their interview with President Obama and the Bin Laden take down on Sunday evening - May 8th.

You will find that on their Youtube website.

Both programs are very informative as to how this was all planned and kept secret to prevent any leaks getting out and hence damaging any take down result as the special USA James Bond and crew went in to take out Bin Laden.

For all the people where Bin Laden was under cover in plain sight, who want to believe it was not Bin Laden, and/or the "conspiracy" people around the world who will still deny it was Bin Laden that was put to rest at the bottom of the sea......well even Bin Laden terrorist groups have admitted it was Bin Laden that was killed by USA special forces.


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