Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Do you want a great family movie? Then you need to have "The Court Jester" - an old movie, in super color.
It stars the talented and wonderful Danny Kaye at his best. And the beautiful gal from my home country (Wales) - Glynis Johns. As a few in the movie say to her "such a pretty face." She had some beautiful eyes and a velvety smooth voice....yes in my books one of the prettiest movie stars ever. I first saw her at about age 8 in a movie; I asked my Mom who she was, and she told me Glynis Johns from Wales. I said "She has a baby face" - my Mom laughed and agreed. Whenever I saw her after that in a movie, I would say to my Mon, "Oh look it's baby face." again my Mom would laugh, and agree.

This is a delightful family movie, a classic in its time - a comedy with Danny Kaye. Now Danny could in fact really speak about 6 languages fluently. Very gifted in many ways - a fine singer and a great comic.

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