Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Germany to PUSH "electric" cars

Wednesday May 18th Germany meets behind closed doors to discuss how to puuuushhh the electric car!
They want millions on the road by 2020. They want to be the world's leading electric car maker.

Ah but Britain also is wanting to push the electric car, they are also trying to figure out how to get production into high gear.

So it may well be EUROPE that takes the lead in electric car making. You can bet by them moving into high plans for production, the rest of the car making nations will need to follow or get left far behind.

So indeed it is what we should be doing....moving fasssssttttt......to get into the space age world of the 21st century......and the electric car. There is much yet to develop, more powerful batteries, longer distance before plugging in, plug in posts all over the place, a good speed, and the price to buy has yet to come way down, down quite a lot before it will be the common car we drive.

A good push by Germany and Britain (to give push to other nations) and we may see much more of the electric car by 2020.

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