Friday, May 20, 2011

Rapture May 21st ????

Well the fruit-nut-cake (with lots of nuts) is waiting (and his followers) to be raptured to heaven tomorrow May 21st.

If they were not so serious you have to laugh at them. But spending tens of thousands of dollars on Bill-board ads etc. he's sure got the attention of the news media, even if they are taking it as a joke.

It blows me away how some crack-pot like this 89 year old can do it all. He obviously has silly dumb brainless people willing to listen and follow him to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars, for all the ads they have put out.

He says he's not bothered, or it does not bother him that people claim he is nutty or a false prophet. I guess it does not bother him, look at all the money he's had to do all this publicity, and get on the news.

Hummm....maybe he'll drop dead tomorrow and his followers will claim he was raptured away while they have to stick it out for some more time.

You can bet after tomorrow if he's still alive he'll claim once more he had it figured wrong, and will needs have to go back and see where his error was, and so maybe come up with another year and day, before he does leave us, not in some rapture but in death.

Silly crack-pot people for following him, and I think they must all be on crack - the hard drug stuff.

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