Thursday, May 19, 2011

Crackberry (Blackberry etc.) Addicts!!!

You need to go to CBC Doc.Zone website and watch the hour length documentary on our use of things like the Blackberry, iPhone, Cell-phones, and Computer games and just way way, and way too much time in front of a screen, be it small or large.

Many of us are now truly ADDICTED to the above. Yes indeed many of us are, addicted like being alcohol addicted or hard drug addicts.

And to the surprise of many, science shows we are NOT made to multi-task.

Some of the proof this documentary shows you is truly revealing and will blow away myths, and give you ways to NOT become an addict to this space age technology.

As this program shows if you do not manage this technology you will have stress, be unbalanced, and probably become an addict. Now there are websites and business retreats where you can go to be helped to become an UN-addict - from being a CRACK-berry addict!!

Time to take stock of your life and the use of all this space-age technology. You and your children should NOT become a crack(black)berry etc. addict.


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