Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Two best countries to live in

There is this world organization (forget its name), well they take into account all kinds of things, to come up with their top 10 or it maybe 15, countries that are the best to live in.

This year it was AUSTRALIA that nosed out Canada for TOP spot.

Canadians have general good health, jobs are pretty plentiful, and have top education. Yes interviewing Canadians they mostly say they are happy, and love living in Canada.

Well for a country that many in the USA would classify as "socialist" - well certainly more than the USA,  maybe there is something the USA needs to look at in Australia and Canada, the two top countries this year given as the best countries to live in.

Netty boy from Israel got many standing ovations from the USA Congress, as he brought his speech to them, a difference for sure compared to his debate with President Obama over "how to get peace with the Palestinians."
He made it very clear, there would be no going back to borders as they were before the 1967 war.
And he said Jerusalem would never again be divided. He may want to think that will be so forever, but Bible prophecy says differently. Jerusalem will become the center of end time prophecy and many more nations than Jews and Palestinians will want a stake in Jerusalem and the Holy Land and its areas to the north, south and east. All explained in detail in many prophecy studies on my website.

More tornadoes hit the USA "tornado alley" and in Joplin, MO, they are still looking for about 1,000 people that are officially unaccounted for, those some maybe were moved from the main hospital as it took a direct hit. By the end of the week it should be clear as to exactly how many were killed, as of now they say about 120, but there is a good chance it will be way more than that figure.
One fact as why more and more are being killed in "tornado alley" in the USA is a simple fact that many more people are living in that whole area, which is a very long and wide area, covering many States.

President Obama had a good cordial visit in Britain and with the Queen. Both countries know their brotherly roots, and the pleasant visit of Obama will indeed strengthen those ties.

Syria, Libya, and the Arab world is still in violence and a huge transition stage; it is only the beginning of the eventual formation of some Arab nations forming a union of nations led by Egypt.

The Pope had a very first live talk to those at the space station. If you saw some of it, you will have noticed how those at the station looked upon him in some very "holy" way. I guess for prophecy it must be so, as even with the recorded history of the horrific and diabolical persecutions and killings of people down through the centuries by the Holy Roman Empire, upon those they classified as "heretics" - they still have over ONE BILLION members around the earth. It blows my mind, but it shows indeed the depth of Satan and demonic forces, to DECEIVE the nations of the earth with her Babylon Mystery religion.

So after 25 years the daily religion of Oprah comes to an end. It's been a mixture of "good" and "bad" if you know all that she believes. Millions over those years have indeed made her into "their religion." She did share her massive wealth with others, and supported charity works. Human nature is often a mixture of good and bad. She certainly never claimed to be a Bible Christian, who tried to live by every word of God. Her "spirituality" was a kind of a making of her own mind, what seemed right to her, or what she felt comfortable with. She did what she was happy in doing, and I suppose from the human perspective she taught that people should be loving, though some of her loving was misplaced.
I'm sure she will not completely ever disappear from fame in the USA at least, unto she dies. I think I heard there is to bean Oprah TV channel......so her form of religion will continue, at least among her die in the wool followers.

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