Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Back from the Feast of Tabernacles

All went smooth on the 9th of October as I returned from observing the Feast of Tabernacles with Tara Chapman, her family and others, one family coming up from Texas (John and Jess and 5 children).

It was a wonderful time to gather with others also from the area where the Chapman's live.

Some videos will be soon up on my Youtube.

Yes, the flights were on time, smooth, and all went well in my returning to Calgary. I arrived back at 11 pm - right on time to the minute, with clear skies.

For your information, the city of Calgary is just unbelievably spread out. There are over a million, maybe I think they say ONE million 100 thousand people live here. But it is the area it covers that is mind-bending - the city limits....... well about 5 years ago they said it was SECOND only to New York city in North America. I think we have passed New York now. The city is so spread out over such a vast area it is truly amazing and unreal.

The Feast's of the Lord are over for another season.  We are now all back into our Fall and Winter routine of living.

I look forward to getting back to reading and going through the rest of the books of the New Testament on my Youtube, over the winter months.

I usually pasture Goldie my horse over the winter and do little riding. But this time I'm taking her to a new Stable (Bill Moose Ranch, 5 years old) where they have a heated indoor arena.  She is now 12 years old and I just need to spend more time with her, while she is still relatively young (36 years in human years). She is a blessing from the Lord to me, and I praise Him all the time that He has given me such a beautiful, intelligent, and talented horse. Just to groom and look at her is a feast for the eyes, let alone ride her.

I wrote down the exercise "rebounder" that the Chapman's have. Those small rebounders are a great way to exercise. I have had one for 25 years or more, but the local exercise shops only sell the "cheap" ones that only last for about 3 or 4 months (made in China with very poor steel). The rebounder the Chapman's have is "Needak" - made in the USA!!!  And made from top quality steel. Not cheap, here in Canada I can get one from Needak Canada, for $280. But they are great, as I said had one for 25 years or more, and miss not having one. I certainly recommend an exercise rebounder, to go with your others ways to get exercise. I swim twice a week and of course ride my horse Goldie.  Make sure you get your exercise every they say, fast walking is one fine way to exercise also. Get into the habit of parking at the far end of the Shopping Mall parking lot and step right out, brisk walk, to the entrance.  Little things like that all add up to getting exercise.

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