Thursday, March 29, 2012


The biggest lotto in USA history is about to shoot forth. HALF A BILLION DOLLARS!!

So the line ups are huge, people just want that quick fix, that instant gratification of being a millionaire. Could be on this one a HALF-BILLIONAIRE!

The gambling drug is one massive way of taxation for the State or Federal Government.

It may not be specifically condemned in the Bible, but the principle of not working, performing, doing, for your reward, is against Bible principles. Now the Bible is not against INHERITANCES. If someone wants to leave you a huge sum of money, hopefully they will know you will use it wisely. Money is not wrong in and of itself. A mighty good work can be done with money. But the whole attitude of the gambling world - the very basic reason it is there and it is so popular, is in some ways the attitude of one man who said about this coming 500 Billion lotto...."I'll never have to work another day in my life." He looked like about in his 20s. Or it is the attitude of just making an easy tens of thousands of bucks, or millions of bucks.

Let me put it this way, for anyone who reads the you think God will allow "lotto" games - gambling casino stuff in the age to come, the 1,000 year reign of Christ and the Kingdom of God on earth?

I think for Bible readers, the answer is a whopping big NO!!

End of debate on Lotto gambling and Casino gambling.

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