Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Mormon for President?

If Romney becomes the Republican's front man to go up against Obama in the falls election for President, and if Romney wins, it will be a Mormon President.

This has brought the spotlight on the "Mormon Religion" and the latest tonight was the practice of the Mormon church to "baptize for the dead."

The Mormon religion has MANY false teachings, but again so does the Roman Catholic and Protestant religions.

Baptizing for the goes with the false teaching of the immortality of the soul, that 99 percent of Christian religions teach. This doctrine is utterly false and I have studies on my website proving it is utterly false. Now with the Mormons....they believe THEY are the true last day saints of God on earth....they like others (Jehovah Witnesses; Seventh Day Adventists; some groups from the old Worldwide church of God under Herbert Armstrong) have an end time infallible prophet, having an angel appear to him to give him the inspired book of Mormon, which they do hold up as on the same level as the Bible.

With the immortality of the soul teaching, for Mormons there are countless millions having died but still existing in some place.....well if they get baptized in their name, they say, it can give those dead ones a chance to convert to Mormonism.

I mean, the immortality of the soul is a bad enough false pagan teaching, but the Mormons go one step further with it all. Oh I guess the Roman Catholic church has this "purgatory" teaching - a kinda second place to go after death, where with the right can get that person out of purgatory into heaven.

Well both the Roman Catholic and Mormon teachings are off the wall, way out in left field, from planet Pluto, just two utterly crazy and silly ideas that have no foundation in the Bible at all.

The world is full of silly, idiotic, dumb, crazy, ideas of theology, be it from the Roman Catholic church, the Protestant churches, the Jehovah Witnesses, the Seventh Day Adventists, or the Mormon church. All of them are corrupt in false teachings, that have blinded the hundreds of Millions....well it is about 1.5 Billion of people that go under the name of "Christian" - the truths of God are in the Bible, and those truths CAN be found. But YOU have to hunger and thirst for truth and righteousness, YOU have to love the truth, want the truth, SEARCH for the truth....taking time, hours and hours of in-depth study, which very few are willing to do in this busy 21st century life.`

I'll be up-front with you. The truths of God and the Bible are ON MY WEBSITE! Now with that said, you now have to study to make sure what is on my website is in LINE with the Word of God. As the apostle Paul said, "Prove all things and hold fast to that which is good."

Jesus said His flock would be the VERY LITTLE (as the Greek is) flock. He said His disciples would be as the salt of the earth, sprinkled here and there. It was never said that true Christians would be the big Christian groups of the world of Christianity. In the first century, in the time of Jude the apostle, things were ALREADY starting to go off the tracks with Christianity, and Jude had to tell his readers to "earnestly contend for the faith once delivered to the saints." How much more today do you suppose the truths of the Lord have been corrupted? It is the fact of recorded history and human nature that corruption spreads and becomes larger and larger as time goes on.

Jesus said that before He would come again, false prophets would arise, saying that He the Christ, was the Messiah, but DECEIVING MANY, not the few, but the MANY. The story of the New Testament is that the MANY are deceived, and it is only the very few that are NOT spiritually blinded - it is the VERY LITTLE flock that spiritually see correctly.

YOU need to be a part of the very little flock. You can then rise in the first resurrection to meet Christ in the air, in the clouds, and come to earth with Him, and be a part of the Kingdom of God on earth as it rules the nations of this planet for 1,000 years; teaching them the truths of the Bible, and the way to salvation and eternal life. My website will help you find the truths of the Lord.

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