Saturday, March 3, 2012

Limbaugh and Fluke

I never listen to Limbaugh, but of course you had to be sleeping to miss the big splash with him and the way he addressed the subject with Fluke.

So if I'm getting it correct, Fluke would like all employers who give a "health plan" to their employees, to have to include birth control pills.

Limbaugh is on the side of saying NO they should not have to include birth control pills in their "health package" to their employees.

If the Company is a Christian run company, with the standards of the New Testament, then that company knows the standards of the Lord regarding sex.....sexual intercourse is only for married couples. It should be obvious to Christian people that a Christian company would not like to pay out in its health plan for its employees, birth control pills, as that would be a statement of saying....go and have sex with whoever and whenever you like, be it fornication or adultery.

So I can DISAGREE with Miss Fluke in the most strongest way, but I do not have to call her names.

So Miss Fluke if by some miracle you see this, I DISAGREE WITH YOU on this matter, I've stated my point, without degrading you and calling you names.

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