Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pop and Red Meat/Electro Stimulation

On the ABC news this evening - an over 20 year study shows without doubt that drinking one soda pop and eating red meat every day, will increase your chance of a heart-atack. The more than one pop a day increases your chances of a heart-attack even more.

Now the "soda pop" industry and "meat industry" deny all of this. But what the truth comes down to is this: people who drink soda pop each day will probably be doing other things unhealthy, and so bring on the risk of heart-attack. Those eating red meat daily are probably eating meat that is NOT organic, hence other bad stuff in the modern meat world is adding to the risk of heart-attack.

The key to good health is a BALANCED diet, organic as much as you can, the right amount of sleep, a stress free life, and good old exercise.

They are on the verge they think of discovering that electric stimulation from an implant in the chest with a line to a certain part of the brain, that gets shock waves, may be the cure (on a physical side) to the terrible Alzheimer's disease. One man put on this electro stimulization stopped his Alzheimer's disease in its track. It's all to do with bringing back to life brain cells that are dying. They will soon be trying this on 50 people and watching to see the results.

While we are on "physical things" - on the news the other night, they had a segment on "bacteria" that live in our navel - our belly button in simple language. Oh it's good bacteria, what is meant to be there. We have good bacteria living on our bodies - the naval, under our arm-pits and etc. They ended by saying.....yes shocking to many of you .... TOO MUCH WASHING (especially with dis-infectant soaps) is actually BAD FOR US!!!

DIS-INFECTANT SOAPS SHOULD BE USED SPARINGLY. And unless your in a dirty job, we can OVERDO washing and bathing - as creepy as it may sound we need the good body bacteria to keep us healthy.

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