Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Greece/China verse USA/Disney looses on John Carter

Greece has passed its "austerity program" so qualifies for bail-out money. Wages cut, benefits cut, jobs in its Government cut.

Portugal seems to be next in line, to have to tighten its belt, and follow in line with Greece.

The USA and China - world's two biggest economies - in a trade war - solar panels and other things the USA says China is subsidizing.....USA to put tariffs on those items they claim China is subsidizing.

Britain brings its budget out today 21st of March. Britain has high unemployment - one million youths out of work, and a pretty well stagnant growth, so as the "experts" say, not much room to move.

The Walt Disney Company it seems is going to loose 200 Million dollars on one of the biggest FLOP movies ever - John Carter.
I did go to see it. And it was just an average, well less less than average, science fiction movies, so not surprised at this news. It will be an "okay" movie to buy at WalMart in their $5 bin when it gets there. Yes that is about what it's worth - $5 to own. If you like science fiction movies, don't bother buying it till it hits the $5 bin at WalMart.

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