Saturday, March 24, 2012

The STONE of Destiny - movie

I've just re-watched the movie "The Stone of Destiny" - the incredible true story of how a handful of young Scotch lads and a girl, had the crazy idea of bringing back the Stone of Destiny to Scotland. They planned it and amazingly managed to actually pull it off.

It was indeed a wild idea, that had been tried before but never had anyone succeeded in the actuality of doing it.

They did it! To make a point that Scotland would always be free, that they should have their own Parliament - which they now have.

The young people were never prosecuted.

The Stone of Destiny was returned to London, but later the English gave it to Scotland to look after, take care of, but that it will be returned to the coronation chair at the crowning of the next King of Britain and the Commonwealth.
Why all the fuss and protective fanaticism over a stone with two iron ring - one at each end?

It's history goes back to Ireland, from whence it first came, then moved to Scotland, then moved to England. For centuries the Kings and Queen of Ireland, Scotland, and England have been crowned sitting on or next to this stone.

Even in the pamphlet I once saw three decades ago, while visiting Westminster Abbey, the story was unashamedly told how the stone was said to be the stone that Jacob anointed when he had his dream of the ladder going up to heaven.

What many in North America, especially among the "fundamental" Christians do NOT know is that, many Church of England ministers (very well educated, some with D.D or PhD after their names) believed and taught that most of the Western nations are the very people of the so-called "lost" House of Israel - the British Commonwealth and the USA being the people of Joseph - the brother people that were promised to grow together into a company of nations and one single great nation.

And it was those people of Joseph that would in God's time, contain the line of the throne of David, that was promised by God to him to last forever. The very throne of David that one day would be given to the Messiah - the angel mentioning that to Mary when she was told she would bear the Son of God.

The world is going to be focussed upon London this summer, with the Olympic Games being held in that city, and with the 60 years celebration of Queen Elizabeth on the very throne of David, crowned upon the Stone of Destiny.

The throne of Britain is again becoming more popular with the marriage of William and Kate, who with enough time given from God, will one day be King and Queen of the British Commonwealth.

Such a throne in this space-age world, flies in the face of all that is looked upon as "normal" especially in the light of a throne that bears pretty well no independent power or authority per se. But here it is, and once more gaining more and more popularity, respect, and honor.

This is not just happen-stance; it must and does have some divine purpose behind it all. And it surely does. All explained under the "history" section of my website.

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