Saturday, March 3, 2012

BBC Debate shows

The BBC World News program has "debate" shows. One recently came from Egypt.

Now before getting to the debate show itself, here's an interesting fact, shown just before the debate was aired. Egypt reclaims 70 percent of its used water; it is filtered and made fully useable once more, through it's space-age filtering system. Now the shocker is that Egypt if far far FAR ahead is re-using water than ANY OTHER country.....the next one is Spain, with a 12 percent re-use of water. So you can see where that leaves the rest of the nations of the world.

The debate was interesting - WOMEN will be better off/worst off after the Arab revolutions.
The vote in the audience at the end was 74 percent saying that women would be better off, well in the long-run of it all.

My mind went to Jesus and the apostle Paul, and the situation of women in their day. It should be clear from the Gospels that Jesus liberated women from the religious fanaticism that had been brought into Jewish life by the Pharisees. And it is clear that women were drawn to Him because not only did many of them believe (like the men) that He was the Messiah to come, but also because of what would have been His natural converse with women. He was anything but a threat to them, anything but a put-down to them. He was LOVE, He was KINDNESS, He was AFFECTION, He was a FRIEND, to men, women, and children. He was the PERFECT ONE, who conducted Himself towards ALL people with RESPECT and LOVE.

The apostle Paul has often been given a bad-rap for being AGAINST women, they were not allowed to be "preachers" in "church service" - and the New Testament, the majority of it written by Paul, never teachers that women can be "ordained" to the ministry. So Paul has often been attacked as a "women hater." NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH OF THE MATTER. You need to go to my website and study all my studies on "Church Government" and all the other studies that go hand in hand with the whole topic of "church" and roles of men and women in the church. Then again anyone reading from Acts on in the New Testament, reading carefully, can see that Paul was not against women at all. But it seems that many have tunnel vision when reading the New Testament, they only see what they want to see, and the rest goes over their head.

YOU need to make sure you are not one of the tunnel vision readers of the Bible. You need to be willing to see every verse of the Bible, and let it correct you, if you need to be corrected.

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