Monday, March 12, 2012

USA Black-eye in Afghanistan!!

With the USA troops burning the "Koran" and now a USA soldier loosing his mind and going on a killing path in the middle of the night, killing man, women, and children, the USA faces a HUGE failure in taking the fight to the terrorist's land, which I've said many times in the last 10 years, was a silly and an unwise move.

Not only will the USA and other Western nations never stop religious fanatics, but increasingly there will be a bitter mind-set from the population (and probably the Government) of Afghanistan towards the USA. It will be a no win situation in many ways, while the USA keeps troops fighting (and whatever else they are doing) in Afghanistan.

It was a colossal mistake for the Bush and Blair boys to ever try and fight the enemy on their own land. Not only have thousands of civilians been killed - the innocent - but thousands of USA soldiers have also lost their lives, and many more some part of their body via various injuries.

Then add to all that the massive amount of money spent on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and it all adds up to a DISASTER from the word go.

Doing what we can to keep our lands safe from the terrorists is one thing, but fighting them on their land, as the Russians found out in their 10 year war in Afghanistan, is a no win fight. All the Taliban and others have to do is put up a little fight, but simply wait until the USA, like Russia, decides to pull out, and they come out of the hills and caves to renew what they have been doing for decades.

The UN and the West and the Arab union are treading water, running in circles, and seem to be useless to deal with Syria. More heart-breaking photos showing the death of men, women, and children by the Syrian army continues to hit the TV news. With all the modern space-age weapons the West have, they still refuse to use them against the mad-dog leader of Syria and his clones of army men. From a natural world's view, it is disgusting that the UN and the West are sitting by and doing very little if anything to put down this crazy dictator of Syria.

The Queen of Britain and the Commonwealth and her family representatives continue to visit lands where the throne of Britain still has respect and is obviously loved. There are 2 BILLION - yes TWO BILLION, with a "B" - people living in Commonwealth nations around the world. Indeed it is an historic novelty and stands out so oddly we might say, that in this space-age world, we still have a throne of history, that two billion people are happy to still call their own.

The truth of the matter is that the Queen sits on David's throne, yes the David, king David, of your Bible. It is a throne that will last until Jesus comes to take the throne. It was promised to Him when the angels came to tell Mary she had been chosen to bear the Son of God. Well it was promised to Him way back in the Old Testament, but restated to Mary and to us. So no matter how strange it may seem for this throne of Britain to remain in a space-age world, it WILL REMAIN right up to the coming of Christ back to this earth.

The truth of the Royal Throne of Britain being the throne of David can be found on my website under "historical" studies.

There has truly been no throne in the entire world, and the history of mankind, that can be compared for length of days and for world popularity, as the throne of Britain. Yes TWO BILLION people are happy to call the throne that Queen Elizabeth sits on, their throne.

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