Friday, March 23, 2012

The HUNGER GAMES - movie

Went to see it this Friday afternoon.

It is one of those "3 part" movies I believe, based upon the books.

It certainly is different, a little slow at first, but I guess it has to set the stage, being a 3 part movie.

How people think up such very different science-fiction movies is amazing to me. But they are still doing it.

Yes a good movie, with lots of suspense.

I was struck by the leading young lady; she's 21 in real life but looks about 16. I was struck by her because she looks so much like my first-born, she is (apart from the color of her eyes) just like my first-born was when my girl was 16.

The movie will be a hit, because many teens or younger ones have read the books, so it should do very well for this first week-end, they are indeed lining up to see it.

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