Friday, December 28, 2012

Django movie

When  you ignore the profanity (which is hard to do so will not buy it when it comes out on DVD), it is a movie that is somewhat raw in shooting violence, but there have been movies even more so, it may go down as one of the top ten greatest serious adult western movies of all time, for the story behind it is one of the facts of American violent, perverse, and racist times of the 19th century, in the south.

Yes it is about a lot of bad guys, lustful guys, perverse guys, racist guys, going into the rich and mighty and powerful.

Now there were many white people of the south who no doubt treated the enslaved blacks in a good manner, with respect and kindness. BUT the sad fact of American (USA) history is there were many white guys who treated blacks as sub-human, cattle, and could be used and abused as they felt inclined. And of course this sad fact was still prevalent into the middle 20th century, which as a kid and teen growing up in England in the 1940s and 1950s I had not the inkling about. Did not realize the sad truth until I came to Canada in 1961 (interesting - 100 years from the start of the USA civil war). Then I started to discover the hate and violence and racism that many held in the southern USA towards the blacks; some of it (racism side) was even held as being in the Bible - the darkened minds of false Christian theology let me add.

Back in the 18th century you had indeed the bad guys of the West and South (some of course in the North also) - and you had the "bounty hunters" - bring the bad guys in for a reward, dead or alive.
So Django starts off on this side of USA history. But it leads to the bad white fellows of the rich and perverse group who bought and sold blacks for fun, amusement, and exploitation as working slaves.
And you had a few bad black guys in favor with the evil white guys and so given a working relationship with the latter.

So Django and his white bounty hunter (who teaches Django the ropes of bounty hunting) go off to rescue Django's wife, taken as a slave to work for the bad perverse, vain, conceited, powerful land and mansion owner.

As I've said some raw shooting violence throughout the movie. In the end, and half way through, you are already wanting to see the evil white guys really get what they deserve..... a death of violence, as they loved to be violent themselves. So yes they get their desert in no uncertain manner from Django. He gets his wife back, and you leave feeling good for Django, and that evil was obliterated in a big way.

The sadness of the movie is the truth that such evil white men did exist in the south of the USA in the middle 18th century, that such evil did happen, that the blacks were often treated as sub-human and only a step up from animals. And then it reminds you that such evil white men (and some women no doubt) had the same mental attitude about blacks right into the middle 20th century.

The movie is a sad reminder that the USA was born out of violence - the violent split from Britain, the violence towards blacks, the violence of their civil war, the violence they tried against Canada in the 1812-1814 war of lower Ontario the USA wanted as part of America. And the hate and violence against blacks into the middle 20th century. A nation born out of violence, so much so that they believe it should be normal and a so-called freedom, to be able to freely buy ASAULT weapons that should only be for the ARMY and SWAT teams. It is a mentality that is from the mentality of the evil perverse white man of the Django movie.

Django movie is certainly not for many, certainly not for anyone who is not an adult. But it does show without reservation the evil white men that lived in the USA in the 19th century.....well also shows one good white man, the man who rescues Django and teaches him the art of bounty hunting.

Reminds me also that we here in Canada have a perverse (well the Government does) mind-set that even crazy perverse serial killers, cop killers, child killers, man and women killers - deliberately planned killings, DO NOT GET THE DEATH PENALTY!!

Maybe the Canadian Government should go see the movie Django and come to see that some people deserve to be put to death for the evil they have done to other people.

Shocking to some, but God is a God of justice, and He in His written word says that DEATH should be given to some for sins and evil that some do to others.

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