Thursday, December 27, 2012

Tom Cruise - Jack Reacher movie

My son and his wife Mary-Lou were in town (Dad's town where I am at present), so we decided to go to a movie.

Went to see the new Tom Cruise movie - Jack Reacher. I do like Tom in most of his movies he has made over his career. This movie was good, enjoyed it for a thriller good guy against bad guys type of movie.

According to the real life gal in the movie Tom does indeed do all of his stunt work.

Lots of fancy martial arts fighting in this one. And it has a good suspense story, a kinda Sherlock Holmes figure it out story.

Now my son Ty has his black belt in martial arts fighting, used to have his own studio, trained many policemen over the years. I asked him if the martial arts fighting in this movie was the real thing. He said yes it was and gave the name of the Russian fellow from whom this type of martials arts comes from. Ty is right up there with all the famous styles of the top martial arts teachers in the world - he has worked with some of them.

When I was a teen I wanted to do martials arts stuff but back in the 1950s all there was out there was Judo. I did do the Judo, actually was in a local stage show where one scene was a Judo contest. My teacher and I did the scene.

I had another teacher in Judo who knew some martial arts and he privately taught me some of that skill.

Back in the 1950s you had a spree of teens who were out just to pick on someone, you know the tough guy type. I was leaving work one day and about 4 teens were walking towards me; I got this feeling .... a not so good feeling, and sure enough you had this one teen who was the tough guy leader. They stopped and the leader wanted to show me his macho toughness. He took hold of my shirt up by the neck and said his tough words. I told him I did not want any trouble. He continued his tough talk, then head butted me. I figured he was not going to just leave it be at that. So I pulled back or rolled back on to my back pulling him with me and talking me legs in his stomach threw him over myself, flying through the air and smashing down. I jumped up in a cat like fighting pose ready to fight him with martial arts I knew. He and his 3 buddies took off - they figured they had tangled with the wrong fellow.

Well the stuff my son Ty knows......I would never want to tangle with him if I was one of those "think I'm tough" guys out there. But today thankfully most teens and young men stay out of fights unless you are in the places you should not be in.

Well back to Jack Reacher movie...... a good movie if you like a Sherlock Holmes and martials arts type movie.


  1. I practice martial arts as well as your son. I was trying to figure out the style that was used in the movie. If it were indeed Russian, I would guess Systema. I thought it was Escrima (seen in the Bourne movies), but I may be mistaken. Did your son say which it was?