Sunday, December 30, 2012

Les Miserables movie

I have no clue how they say the name of this movie just released.

It is a "musical" but the type that is singing the words, not much actual talking at all.

This kind of musical has of course been around for decades, and I'm sure "Les Miserables" is famous among that type of musical, though I've never seen it before.

It is not my "type" of musical per se ..... the singing talk musical. I'm a lover of musicals like "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" - "South Pacific" - "Mary Poppins" - "The Sound of Music"  and Fred Astaire, Bing Crosby, and the like.

But I must say Les Miserables did catch by interest.

It is a dark (literally and in figure of speech) set in France in the first part of the 1800s.

It is sad, brutal, painful, and yet inspiring and filled with love also.

It is a Hollywood production and I must say it is indeed SUPERBLY done......with well known people of Hollywood fame who I did not know could SING!

I cannot imagine ANYONE ANYWHERE doing a better job - it is truly MASTERFUL.

The actors for every part, each individual, do a FANTASTIC job, truly GREAT!

The ability of some actors can be just out of this world at times, a true gift that some have, yes I know many go to "acting school" but the bottom line is you still have to put it together yourself when the rubber hits the road.

So just to see the ability and talent of some, it is worth seeing this movie, even if you like me are not a fan of "singing talk" musicals.

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