Friday, February 22, 2013

Benefits of YOGA!!

  • Recent research shows people with atrial fibrillation (irregular heartbeat) can benefit from yoga.
  • Three months of regular yoga sessions resulted in a 50 percent reduction of reported incidents of heart quivering. Average heart rate also fell from 67 beats per minute to 61-62 beats per minute post-yoga. Participants also reported less anxiety and depression.
  • A review of more than 100 studies looking at the effect of yoga on mental health found evidence that yoga has a positive effect on mild depression, sleep problems, schizophrenia and ADHD.
  • A study published last year discovered that yoga has a beneficial impact on leptin, a hormone that plays a key role in regulating energy intake and energy expenditure.
  • Expert yoga practitioners had 36 percent higher leptin levels compared to novices, leading researchers to speculate that regular yoga practice may benefit your health by altering leptin production.
  • Ideally, you’ll want a comprehensive fitness program that includes aerobic, anaerobic, and resistance training as well, in addition to flexibility- and core-building exercises like yoga.
FROM DR. MERCOLA -- February 22nd 2013


Keith Hunt

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