Monday, February 4, 2013

The FLU ... after 39 years

It was the middle of Sabbath afternoon last. I felt weak and cold. Just had to get in a nice hot bath tub and relax -- very very unusual for me to feel this way.

My Saturday evening was not my usual evening, I was in bed.

All of Sunday was the same, in bed, weak, and could only eat, only wanted to eat my Oats and Chea seed breakfast with my vitamins.

I was weak and just wanted to sleep. I was drinking hot drinks and sweating it out under lots of covers.

I was in bed during Monday, woke up now and again to have a hot drink. I awoke up at 3 pm, feeling a lot better, set the alarm for 4:15, to give me time to head to the Community Center to teach some students.

During students I have some breaks, so got out my laptop and typed in "2013 Flu symptoms"

Some listen were:

Fever, Fatigue, Muscle Aches, Decreased Appetite.

They said it lasted about a week on average.

Oh yes they said it was so sudden a thing most remember exactly when it hit them.

Now I had the chills not a fever per se, unless I was under the covers then I was sweating very hard.

Yes Fatigue was certainly there.

Muscle aches....yes had them.

Decreased appetite...indeed for sure.

I've never had a flu shot in my entire life, and I've only had the flu TWICE. Once, the first time when a kid of about 11 or 12 and that put me out for, yes a good week. I had no fever per se but weak as a kitten and just want to be in bed, certainly no appetite.

The second time I had the flu was in December 1974. I had returned from England by ship, and 5 out of the 7 days it was like riding a roller coaster....a storm across most of the Atlantic. You wanted to shout "Stop the world and let me off" for I had my first sea sickness bout.....and it is terrible. But you cannot stop the world and get off; you cannot stop the ship and get off.

For one whole week after landing everything around you was still swaying, the room you were in was swaying; quite the experience at age 32.

Ah yes the Flu was going around, and yes being already in a weakened state I got the bug, wow did I ever. In bed for a whole week. Did not have a fever per se, just weak and weak some more, absolutely useless for anything but to stay in bed, certainly had no appetite. I really got that one bad, for my body was in an already weakened state.

So coming back to the present. I think I must have caught the flu bug going around, the symptoms of utter weakness and just wanting to stay in bed would indicate it; much like the other two times in my life I had the flu. This time my body is pretty darn strong for being 70 years old. I exercise with Charles Atlas exercises, and work with my dumbells; I swim twice a week; ride my horse; eat healthy foods; and take many vitamin supplements.  And in so doing this flu bug kept me down for only 2 and 1/2 days.




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