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HARBINGER...tower...we will rebuild!

THE HARBINGER: the Tower....we will rebuild!
From the book "The Harbinger" --

"So what happened?" I asked
"They clear away the heaps of fallen brick and rubble and begin the reconstruction on the ground of their devastation. The project is filled with symbolic meaning. It represents the nation's rebuilding of itself and its rise from the ashes. The vow would become reality. New buildings, stronger, taller, bigger, and better, would rise up in place of those destroyed in the attack. So the new construction would become a concrete manifestation and witness of the nation's defiance of God's call.".....


Taking the seal in his right hand and lifting it up, he began to explain. "The Fourth Harbinger: In the wake of the calamity, the nation responds without repentance, humility, or reflection, but with pride and defiance. Their leaders vow, 'We will rebuild.' They pledge to rebuild bigger, better, taller, and stronger than before. The rebuilding takes place on the ground of destruction. The construction is intended to be a symbol of national resurgence. It is set to rise up from the ruins of that which had fallen and to surpass it in height. It will be their towering testament of defiance— the rebuilding of the fallen, and of the nation itself, the Fourth Harbinger... the Tower."......


"The words were likewise followed by action. The ruins of 9/11
were cleared away. Then a sign appeared at Ground Zero with
these words: 'A new icon will soon rise above the Lower Manhattan skyline... the Freedom Tower!"   "The Tower!"
"Exactly. It would become the center point of the rebuilding." "And the sign called it an icon. It was meant to be a symbol of
the rebuilding, of Ground Zero and the nation."
"It was to be an icon of defiance. Defiance—-the word comes up
again and again in the commentaries. Listen:
"It is the defiance of a people who, far from being repentant, glory in their iniquity.8
"To be heedless when God is speaking, by whatever voice He may address us, is surely iniquitous enough, but to act in deliberate defiance of the Almighty is, by many degrees, worse.9
"Proud defiance of God always brings disaster.10.......


"Long before the rebuilding began, while the dust of the attack still hovered above the ground of devastation, an American senator would foretell the meaning of the future campaign:
"I believe one of the first things we should commit to—with federal help that underscores our nation's purpose—is to rebuild the towers of the World Trade Center and show the world we are not afraid—WE ARE DEFIANT.".......

 One journalist would describe it this way: 'Rebuilding Ground Zero was going to be America's statement of defiance to those who attacked us.'".......

(AND  YES  INDEED  SO!  Keith Hunt)

"A statement of defiance, exactly what the ancient vow was...a statement of defiance."
"Of defiance and boasting. From the commentaries:
"They rise upon the ruins of their broken homes...boasting that they will show the enemy, whether God or man, that they can 'take it.'".......


"Two and a half thousands years later, the governor of New York would proclaim the same thing from the pavement of Ground Zedro: 'Let this great Freedom Tower show the world that what our enemies sought to destroy....stands taller than ever.'"
"From the words of the commentaries on Isaiah 9:10 - 'They boasted that they would rebuild their devasted country and make it stronger and more glorious than ever before.'"
"From the words of the mayor of New York in response to 9/11: 'We will rebuild. We're going to come out of this stronger than before, politically stronger, economically stronger."'.......

"To replace bricks with bricks is restoration," he said. "But to replace bricks with hewn stone is defiance. To rebuild what was destroyed is restoration, but to boast of rebuilding stronger and greater than before is defiance. The Fourth Harbinger is not simply about rebuilding what was destroyed, but it must specifically involve rebuilding bigger, taller, stronger, and better than before. That distinction is clear in the Scripture and in the commentaries:
"Since their houses had been destroyed, they would build bigger, better, and finer ones.17

"So too it came out in the words of those attempting to rebuild Ground Zero. One of the nation's most prominent real estate magnates said this of the proposed project:
"...we should have the World Trade Center bigger and better 18.......


"From the commentaries on ancient Israel:
"If they ruin our houses, we will repair them, and make them stronger and finer than they were before.
"From the American magnate, on the rebuilding of Ground Zero: 
"What I want to see built is the World Trade Center stronger and maybe a story taller.20
"You see, even if by just as little as one story, it was not about rebuilding—it was about defiance, just as it was in ancient Israel. From the commentaries on the meaning behind Israel's rebuilding:
"They are determined to withstand God and rebuild on an even grander scale.21
"Now, in the words of one observer, the meaning behind the rebuilding of Ground Zero:
"The developer who holds the lease has vowed that the towers will rise again... it would show us defiant in the face of terror, unbowed, climbing again gleaming into the sky taller, bigger, stronger?2
"Notice the wording: unbowed, climbing into the sky, taller, bigger, stronger... defiant. In other words, the rebuilding of Ground Zero, the Tower, would be the embodiment of a defiant nation, just as in Isaiah 9:10.".......


"Centuries before the writing of the New Testament, the Hebrew Scriptures were translated into Greek. The result was a Greek version of the Hebrew Scriptures called the Septuagint. The Septuagint version of Isaiah 9:10 renders the rebuilding project in even more specific terms. It says this:
"The bricks are fallen down...but come...let us build for ourselves a TOWER."23.......


"And so," he said, breaking the silence, "out of the ruins of the nation's calamity emerges the Fourth Harbinger, the most colossal of Harbingers, a Tower—and the most soaring testament of defiance ever to stand on American soil." ..........



Keith Hunt

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