Friday, November 11, 2011

Europe in crisis!

So Greece has a new leader with a unified (they hope) Government, which still has to bring in "cut-backs" and whatever else they must do to meet the requirements for mainly Germany and France to give them another 2 Billion dollars or more in their "bail-out" department so they do not have to default on their loans.

As each day and week goes by we will see how the people of Greece accept what their Government has no choice in doing.

Italy.....they are supposed to pass certain austerity laws or reforms or changes, however you want to put it, and so also form a new united type Government, and hence also qualify for their "bail-out" - the 8th largest economy in the world going under, would indeed put Europe under and then the rest of the Western world at least. The next number of weeks are important in the lives of Italians and for their nation, and for Europe.

Germany is the strong nation of Europe. The general consensus with most people in Germany, is that their lady leader is or has shown she can be strong in the right direction of strength.

We shall see if Europe holds together as it now is with the number of nations she has in her union.

You need to keep your eyes and ears on Europe over the next year or two. Changes could come to move the prophesied last resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire, the Beast Babylon of the book of
Revelation, into the phase where her economy and religion (of the past 2,000 years) will take the shape of what will be needed to raise this last Beast out of the abyss, and into the power she must obtain to rule the Western world. When it is time a great miracle working false prophet (from the Christian religion) will rise from Europe, and will deceive hundreds of millions. The masses will believe he is from God, even God on earth, and will worship the whole system that this false prophet will have a large part in forming.

Such will be the deception in the Western world. So great that people will "turn in" to the authorities any that do not believe in the Beast Babylon, even members of the same family will betray their own brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers. All that is written in the book of Revelation will come to pass. I have expounded for you that book on my website under "The New Testament Bible Story" and the series where I go through ALL the prophetic books of the Bible and what they tell us is yet to come on this earth, to the very return of Christ Jesus in power and glory, as King of kings and Lord of lords, to establish the Kingdom of God on earth.

There are in India Christian leaders and ministers who are translating my studies into the languages and/or dialects of the Indian people. Through them and their efforts they are reaching some of the people of India with the Gospel.

Jesus taught us to pray to the Father that other laborers would be called to the harvest - for Jesus said the harvest was plentiful and the laborers few. I ask you to join others in this prayer. That prayer is being answered; it would seem in a greater way in the Eastern world today. Our mainly Israelite nations of the West have turned our back on our God, and He has then turned His back on us. It is sad to say but our people of the West do not hunger and thirst for righteousness any more; we will not be corrected; we do not love the truth; we are it seems content to follow a false Christianity, false customs and traditions, and the words of men before the words of God.

You that read this blog of mine, have a chance to find the truth, and to humble yourself, to find true salvation, and so prepare yourself for the first resurrection; to rule with Christ during that first 1,000 years of the Kingdom of God on earth.

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