Sunday, November 20, 2011

Spain - USA Super Committee - Parkinson's disease

Spain has a new "Popular Party" Government - the leaders says do not expect overnight miracles - I guess not, with about 45 percent of youth unemployed and an overall huge unemployment problem. The new leader and his party have to try and get the Spanish economy going and people back to work. It is a problem that will take a miracle .... don't hold your breath to see one.

Speaking of miracles, today the "chaplain" of the "super committee" (made up of Democrats and Republicans) for the USA, said a prayer for one - that is a miracle, and as one news reporter stated, they are going to probably need one - a miracle. As of now the Democrats and Republicans in this super-committee cannot agree on "budget cuts" - the USA is 15 TRILLION dollars in debt and counting. After 3 years of Obamaism not much, if anything has changed in the USA except the troops from Iraq are supposed to come home by the end of the year. But economically and employment wise, it's still thumbs down, both thumbs down for Obama and the Democrats.

The Canadians are close to a break-through of sorts for Parkinson's disease. Up to now you have no way of telling if you have this disease until the symptoms appear, and then there is not much they can do. Now the Canadian research team is close to doing a certain scanning that will they hope, in time, tell the doctor that in your brain is the onset or the very likelihood that you have or will get Parkinson's disease.

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