Thursday, April 28, 2011

Britain's Royal Wedding!

So in not too many more hours the world will be tuning in (they say about two BILLION) on TV etc. to see the Royal Wedding that many hope will give the British Royals a mighty boost in popularity.

Many think the British Throne and Royalty should be abolished.

But it never will be! I can be quite dogmatic in saying this, for the Throne of Britain is the Royal Throne of David - yes the ancient king David of Israel.

Yes it is indeed, even if you do not believe it.

David's throne was never to DIE, for how could it, when we are told the coming Messiah as a baby, that Mary was to bear, was to inherit the throne of David.

The story of David's throne is expounded in different studies on my website.

This Royal Wedding happening in not many hours as I type this, will put the throne back into popularity.  This new Royal couple will reach the hearts and minds of millions in Britain and in the Commonwealth.

David's throne.......William and Kate, will bring this throne and Royalty back to the glory it should be, even if most people do not understand exactly why.

There is no Royal throne on earth that is as GREAT as the British Throne, and when Jesus comes to inherit it, the world will surely then know why it is such an enduring throne.

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