Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The SHOCKING USA education stats!!

Some of the stats as of today on the USA education system is truly shocking. America's 15,000 school districts and 100,000 schools are doing a very poor job of educating the USA youth, and that is especially true in the low-income and minority children, who are three grade levels behind by the age of nine, and of them, less than half ever graduate from High School. and of those who do graduate they are seven times LESS likely to graduate from College.

Listen to the situation in Washington, DC, which has a very large minority population. Only 12 per cent of 8th-graders (12 years old) read at their grade level. And ONLY 9 per cent end up going to College, and graduating within 5 years!

In 2007 The National Assessment of Educational Progress that year found that 61 per cent of Washington DC's 4th-graders had below basic reading skills (in other words they could barely read); and 92 per cent of the city's 8th-graders were basic, which means below grade level, in maths.

Looking at the district area, there was a 57-percent-point gap in reading between Blacks and Whites,  with less than 30 per cent of African American students reading at grade level, as opposed to 87 per cent of whites.

Then it's not over yet. The city's High School dropout rate was around 50 per cent, with just 9 per cent of those entering 9th grade ever graduate from College.

With the stats going as they are on the minority (non-whites) eventually becoming the MAJORITY,
if education does not take a drastic CHANGE for the better, the USA is in for an under-educated, under-skilled, MAJORITY population which in terms of economics means a permanent national recession.

It has been a know fact that the people of Japan - parents - and the schooling system is VERY EDUCATIONAL minded. They go for it like a sprinter blasting out of the starting blocks in a 100 meter  Olympic dash. And China is fast moving into that mind-set on education and skills. While India has still many poverty areas, they also have for decades being producing doctors, and skilled people, and know the importance of education. Somehow the USA has got off that boat, if it was ever on it to begin with. There may have been a time the USA was on the education wagon, but it is not there today.

As the minority population becomes the majority population there may be a push towards high education, and if there is enough time in this age left before Christ returns, then the "strangers" among us (the non-whites) will become the head and we Anglo-Saxons the tail.

If the minority to become the majority do NOT get educated, then everyone knows that when you have a majority uneducated people in a nation you have unrest, and social disorder, and in time, as it would apply to the USA, you have a nation that is no longer a leading nation of the world. You have an "has been" empire.

At the present the average American school year is 180 days, in Asia more than 200. In South Korea children spend more than thirty days more in school; this is an additional year in school compared to their American peers by the time they leave High School. The American school day is shorter than the European - 32 hours a week for USA and 40 hour a week for Europe. On the subject of "homework" the American child does about 1 hour compared to the Chinese child who devotes three times that amount.
I'm not in agreement with the Chinese homework system, but it does show a point - the Chinese are what you might call "drugged on education" as a way of life, and what they have done over the last 30 years in catching up and overtaking all the nations of the world, except the USA, in the economic global system truly takes your breath away.

No doubt about it the next 10 or 20 years (if this age continues 20 years or more before Christ returns) BIG things are going to take place on this earth.

We are seeing right before our eyes the move for Arab nations to throw off the chains of one man dictatorship governments, and freedom in a way they have not had for decades. With all of that will come, eventually a stronger Egypt (already had been looked upon as the leading Arab nation even before today). In time many Arab nations will come to see there is strength in forming a united Arab union. It will take some time yet, but down the road that Arab union will form the "king of the south" and fulfill the prophecy of Daniel 11:40-45.

Some "religious writers" see the world conditions and say to their readers "Jesus' return will be soon." I find in their writings they either ignore Daniel 11:40-45 or they are just "uneducated" when it comes to Bible prophecy. Jesus will NOT return until Daniel 11:40-45 has taken place, and that means the "king of the south" and the "king of the north" must yet do battle - literally.

Keep watching the Arab nations, they are yet to form a union.

You may also like to obtain the book "How the West was Lost - Fifty years of Economic Folly and the stark Choices Ahead" by Dambisa Moyo PhD,  as she relates to you some of the facts as to HOW the West is going down.


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