Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Greatest Story Ever Told

I have just finished watching the 3 hours and 19 minute  MGM movie of 1965 called "Greatest Story Ever Told" about the life and death and resurrection of Jesus the Christ Messiah.

A movie  by George Stevens. And George deliberately wanted a NONE Hollywood man - an unknown - to play the part of Jesus. He said he wanted that so people would not be distracted from seeing Jesus by some famous face.

On the back of the DVD we find:

"The most incredible and remarkable portrayal of the life of Jesus Christ that has ever been put on film" - The Dallas Morning News.

"Touches the heart and stirs the spirit" - NY Daily News.

"Lavishly produced at a cost of $20 million - an enormous amount for the time - and honored with five 1965 Academy award nominations; this exceptional picture is exquisitely beautiful. Now fully restored to its original theatrical brilliance, it is truly The Greatest Story Ever Told.

Ah and it has Jesus with no long flowing hair - it has him looking very much like any Jew of the time (the actor had very blue eyes which more than likely Jesus did not).

It shows water baptism as full immersion.

Yes, it has all kinds of things out of chronology, of course the birth, ministry life, and death and resurrection are all in correct order.

So you just have to forget about much of the teaching scenes of Jesus as given in the four Gospels, being out of order or put into different scenes from what they actually were, so you must overlook SOME of the wrong technicalities.

You just need to sit back, let the words of Jesus, the miracles shown, the background music, the splendor of it all, capture you as if you were right there.

This movie is rated G - for any age.

Oh by the way Stevens did not produce it shot in the Holy Land, because he said the Holy Land today is too built-up - too commercial - the movie was filmed in the State of UTAH, which Stevens in 1965 said looked more like the Holy Land as it was in Jesus' time.

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