Saturday, April 30, 2011

MADhafi --- Closing in on him

Well the mad mad dictator in Libya just about got sent to the next life, where it is sleep and silence till a resurrection.
Nato bombs just about got him, they did get one of his mad dog sons and some of his family.
Maybe next time Nato will put to sleep the very top mad dog in Libya.

Syria is still rocking with violence from the Government on its own people, yes looks like some other mad insane dogs need to be put to sleep also in that country.

Yemen also....well the dictator said he was going to step down not he's changed his mind according to the news tonight. I guess only time will tell what happens in Yemen and this mad dog.

The Arab world is rockin' and rollin' - now they say the dictator of Egypt could be put to death, for his ordering and killing of 800 in the people's revolt against him.

The Arab world is undergoing massive upheavals and changes yet to come. It must be so, for only in being so, can they eventually unite Arab countries into a strong power, called in the Bible and book of Daniel 11:40-45 the "king of the south" which will eventually "push at" the mighty "king of the north" the last resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire in Europe.

Prophecy is marching are seeing it right before your eyes. It is all expounded for you in great detail on my website under "prophecy" -

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