Friday, April 22, 2011

Syria and Libya CHOAS - More USA Twister - Pregnancy not

A bloody day (over 80 killed they say) in Syria today, 5 weeks of demonstrations for change - the Government still has the army behind it, but the fight for the old dictator guys to go marches on.

MADhafi as I call him is using everything he can to rain down deadly fire on those opposed to him. The USA is going to us "drone" planes to help out the ones against Madhafi.  Looks like the rebels will get guns and some "advisers" on how to fight a war. War is terrible but so are dictators who will kill their own people to hang on to their wealth and power.

More Twisters coming down in the USA, looks like an horrific season (March to June) is in the making with more twisters so far than ever before.

A popular 17 year old High School girl decided to get pregnant. Well her popularity hit the bottom, she was not so popular anymore, and yes there were the comments and etc. Then 6 months into her pregnancy she was given the "stand before the school" and a microphone. To everyone's shock she talked about stereo-typing people (you know the stuff, too fat, to tall, too short, macho or not-macho, book-worm, sports-jock and etc.) and then told the school she was not pregnant after all, and pulled out her inflatable stomach pouch. Only her Mom and Dad and boyfriend knew about the experiment.

Sad fact is, as the news-cast went on to say, the stats on teen pregnancy in the USA are OFF THE CHART!! Some states have more teen pregnancy than regions of the African continent which have been noted for a long long time as having a large teen pregnancy rate. And more sad stats, only 1 in 50 pregnant teen girls in the USA will finish College. As North America puts so much importance on a College or University education I guess they call that stat as sad, and maybe in a modern space-age economically tied in world, it is.

It's a kinda strange thing this fact of teenage pregnancy stats; you have a much higher percentage of a "religious" world in the USA, compared to Canada and especially Britain,  yet the stats go sky high for teen pregnancy. You would think with a high ratio of "Christian religion" still in the USA, the stats on this topic would be down, not shooting up off the page. Now it could be that the "religious kids" are hardly in these stats, and it is all the "un-religious" kids getting pregnant. The News-media don't try to break-down the stats, they just give them to us.

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