Friday, April 22, 2011

Water for Elephants movie

During the winter months Friday afternoon, or actually closer to lunch time, is my "movie time" IF any decent good movies come along.

The new one out today is called "Water for Elephants" staring Robert Pattinson, one of the new young guys on the screen, and Reese Witherspoon, who you do not see much of - she I think picks her movies carefully.
Now and again a movie comes along that is different, or should I say a different backdrop - that of "a circus" life drama for this one, set back in 1931.
The Elephant, certainly a huge star if is was indeed a real Elephant doing the tricks and not digital film making etc.  - I guess when it comes out on DVD the "specials" will tell us how the movie was made.
In Canada it is rated PG which means because of some violence not suited for young children.
Yes I did like it very much, and it did end the way I think we all would like to see it end - justice and goodness wins out at the end.

The movie "Hanna" is a good bad and good guys thriller type movie - for such type movies it was good.

"Source Code" is also a different kind of science fiction movie which I also enjoyed.

I mentioned them before (but bought them today as "previously viewed" from Blockbuster) :

"The Tourist" - Jonny Depp and Angelina Jolie - also a different good and bad guys movie, that keeps you guessing and has a twist at the end that I found unexpected, but gave the movie its difference from other such type movies.

"The Next Three Days" - Russell Crowe - and as it says on the back "A Pulse Pounding, white knuckle Thriller" and "Intense and Powerful"
Yes, I did find it all of that, and had decided it would be a part of my movie collection when on DVD.

That's it for movies this time around. "Water for Elephants" a good drama where the leading man is not the tough guy beating the bad guys, it's an Elephant that is the final hero. Yes, well worth seeing.

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