Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Stats that should Concern you!

Sir John Oldham, a physician and UK government advisor says the long-term healthcare issues, calls it a "tsunami of healthcare needs" is coming. He estimates that between 2010 and 2050 there will be a 252 per cent rise in the number of people who are 65 years old or older in the industrialized West. He also expects there will be about a 164 per cent increase in people with diabetes in the West, type 2 being the highest increase, linked to lifestyle in food eating. And 60 per cent from 2010 to 2014 of cohort if diabetes suffers will have more than one long-term condition, like chronic heart disease, chest maladies, muscular ailments, and the length of time people will be ill will be longer.

The data from the Alzheimer association is also very sobering. In 2010, the total estimated costs worldwide for dementia was US604 bn.dollars. About 70 per cent of the costs occur in Western Europe and North America.  The USA projection for people 65 and older who have and/or will have Alzheimer's disease will go from 5.1 million in 2010 to 13.5 million by 2050. And the cost will go up to US1tn. dollars.

A McKinsey report forecasts that by 2065 US health costs will represent 100 per cent of the country's GDP, with Japan and the major European countries achieving the same numbing statistic soon after.

In 2010, estimates suggest some 40 per cent of first-grade pupils (around the age of 6) are obese. With obesity comes diabetes and with that often comes heart disease.

Across the West many medical experts agree that this generation of 6-year-olds will be the first to live LESS long than the generation that preceded them.

The facts of Nuclear energy is not often known by the person on the street. With the calamity of the 1986 Chernobyl and the recent Japan break-down of a NUCLEAR plant hit by the Tsunami following the 9 point earthquake, NUCLEAR energy is still on a relative basis considered the safest of energy sources, without the carbon by-products concerns rising from fossil fuels. Nuclear power can run for 24-hours a day with no disruptions, and just ONE nuclear molecule provides many hundreds of times of kilojoules of energy than its closest competitors.

The USA is dragging its feet and does not find anything meaningful in the nuclear field.  Little money has been spent by the USA to groom scientists in the research and practices in this area of energy.  Yet in China it is thought that 50 per cent of the power plants on line to be built are going to be nuclear-based.

In 2008 comScore, a global research internet firm, reported that the world had reached ONE BILLION users. China was the largest on-line users with 180 million, out-numbering the 163 million in the USA.
By comScore estimates, about 55 per cent of the world's internet users are in the developing world - 41.3 per cent in Asia-Pacific, 7.4 per cent in Latin America and 4.8 per cent in the Middle East and Africa; the balance is shared between the USA (18.4 per cent) and Europe (28 per cent). This all finally effects the space-age economy in the long-run as so much now depends on Internet use. Again, with such a large population China is steaming along, with the Internet and the innovations that will still yet be invented from it.

More on China - listen to this. Data from the OECD going back to 1990 suggest that TFP growth across the most industrialized countries - the USA, Japan, Germany, Britian and France - has been an anaemic 1 per cent a year. Some have estimated that China's TFP average annual growth between 1990 and 2008 to be 4 per cent - the fastest gains on record. India not far behind at close to 3 per cent TFP. The remarkable is that China's TFP growth is almost TWICE as fast as South Korea and Japan at their peak economic growth periods.

Many nations, are now hooking up arms together, in trade and economic ties - Russia and China - Brazil and China - India and China - China and Africa - all leaving out the USA and Britain. It is fast becoming a much different world than it was in the 20th century when the British Commonwealth and the USA dominated world economics. At the present Europe is indeed a mixture of clay and iron - in big troubles and to come on the world scene as a mighty SUPER power, looks like it could be some time.

The world of the EAST is steaming along while the West is loosing its power in many ways, with some mighty huge problems (like health care) in the future to contend with.

All of this and MUCH MUCH more is in the new book "How The West Was Lost - Fifty years of economic Folly - and the Stark choices Ahead" by Dambisa Moyo PhD.

Moyo does not understand Bible prophecy, but what she sees happening on the plain world economic, education, science, innovation, trade, and the like is very revealing, shockingly revealing for the West, especially the British Commonwealth and the USA.

Moyo's book is well worth having as part of your home library, for your education and your children's education as they face a different world in the 21st century. A world that will finally lead to the horrific prophecies of the book of Revelation. I expound on my website, not only the book of Revelation but all the prophetic books of the Old Testament - From Isaiah to Malachi (keithhunt.com).

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