Thursday, November 8, 2012

News of WORK in India!

Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2012 21:45:57 +0800

Subject: Manasseh, India.

Respected Keith Hunt,
Indian Missionaries,

Greetings in the precious name of Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you for your reply and I noted all the contents in it.
 My spirit is rejoicing with a great joy as I am reading your mail. Actually the money you are sending was not sufficient. That is why I was asking my father to borrow some money from the creditors. They told him yesterday that they will give him 20,000 in the month of January, 2013. I will spend this money along your money. 

In India every pastor is preaching Sunday doctrines such as 1st January is the New Year, Christmas is the Birth of Christ, Good Friday stands for Crucifixion/ Lent stands for Resurrection and so many false doctrines. All your articles are still working in the hearts of our people in a deeper way. They are now understanding at each time but the pamphlets are not sufficient at all. As the people are many in each Church every body is asking pamphlets when I am not giving because the pamphlets are very less. So they are offending when I am not giving. This makes me each time unhappy. So I am asking my father to get debt at this time BECAUSE people are interesting at this time. " Work hard when the iron is hot" is applicable to me at this time. So we need much pamphlets each month. 
Now only people are thinking that the Sunday is not the day of Resurrection. When I am distributing your articles many Christians rejected as soon as they read at that place because it was new to them. I am waiting and distributing for hours in some big convocations. So the people were reading as soon as they received and the articles are new to them. 

So I will prepare the ground by plowing, casting out stones and all unnecessary matters and will prepare the good ground by sowing the good seeds when you will visit my country then you will feel happy while you reap the FRUITS for your sacrificial offerings.

Every Church is polluted by the false doctrines in every place. We are doing a great job by your sacrificial help. We will REAP  the good fruits for our efforts QUICKLY. That is why we need more pamphlets.
 THANK you so much for understanding the situation in my country. God revealed the mysteries to you as He revealed to Jeremiah, the Prophet( Jeremiah 33:1-3). I am feeling so happy because I and my wife pray for years for a good LEADER. Now we are feeling very happy as we are hearing from you good news FOR YOUR VISIT TO INDIA. Now on wards we are praying for your visit.
I dedicated all my 5 Children to God to do His ministry when they grown.
My wife : Esther Rani,
Sons: Shalomon Levi (18), Restel Yudah(15), Jemanuel Don (14).
Daughters: Leyah(16), Rachel(13)
Here every body is a false pastor. Every body is working in the Missions, they are getting monthly support, they are getting school facilities and they are getting so many facilities from the Denominations. That is why they are not coming out of their denominations. Even believers are getting many facilities from their local Churches so they are rich when  (Revelations 3:14-17) compared to me. At this state we are preaching the sound doctrines that is why they are fearing about me. Even believers are coming to realization that their doctrines are not written in the Bible. So your articles play the greatest role in my country. 

My dear LEADER it is so happy to me to share the field news about the GREAT MISSION which is SUBJECTED TO YOU and to me by our Lord Jesus Christ.
God is answering our prayers which is making me happy.  I am so tired at this time. Please pray for me as we are praying for your ministry and for your lovely country.We are willing to hear again if the time allows.
Thank you,
Manasseh, Evangelist,


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