Friday, November 23, 2012

WHITE Friday for me!

It may be called BLACK Friday by many, but my return from visiting my Dad was "white" Friday for me.

Wet light snow - slushy roads - foggy white at times - that was a good portion of my journey home, and the highest mountain part was very slow, probably due to the big semi-trucks having a hard time moving up the hill to the summit.

But with all that said, I still made pretty good time, and sure glad I put snow tires on my car, made a hugh difference.

So yes a few hours longer than when the roads are dry, and no fog and snow.

But the main thing is I arrived home safely.

My Dad is doing pretty good  overall. A skin cancer lump on his forehead will be removed December 6th, and they told me should be no problem. His 6 bottom teeth left, are in real bad shape, so arranged for them to come out on December 20th and then it will be a full bottom denture for him. Bad teeth sure aren't doing him any good for his health at age 92. So they will come out.

Took him to the doctor to have the build up of wax in his ears "washed" out, and made quite the difference; I was having to speak close to his ears and be very loud in speaking. I learnt that people way way younger than my Dad can get wax build up in the ears, and must also get them washed out. I've never had any trouble that way.

Plan to go back to visit around December 21st weather being good for traveling through the Canadian Rockies.

The little "teardrop" trailer I bought and store on the land of the man I bought it from, did very fine for me....has a built in heater. The Sutherland Hills Rest Home where my Dad is, gave me a parking spot so I can also plug in the trailer.

Now speaking of BLACK Friday; what a mess of selfishness it often is for far too've maybe seen it on TV news. Then they say that the same things that some people go bananas over (pushing, pulling, and sometimes fighting over) will be on sale right up to the New Year.

Some news people said, "It's the hunter survivor" mentality coming out in us....... well call it what they want, the bottom line is complete carnal selfishness coming out in people, that's what it is.... plain rude, hard-nosed, lusting selfishness is what the truth of the matter is. A very good example of some of the bad things of human nature coming out in people.

Then talking about money and budget stuff, the European Unity nations meeting to draw up a budget could not come to agreement...... so the troubles for the EU continue. Now there is talk about some part of Spain, that contributes greatly to Spain's budget economy, may want to withdraw from Spain and form its own nation..... we shall see what happens, as Europe tries to regain some equilibrium in so many areas.

Oh yes while away did go to see the new movie "LINCOLN" - I am supposing the history of this part of Lincoln's life and time as President, is correct. Interesting, as a movie by Steven Spielberg usually is.
The blacks made have gotten freedom from slavery, through Lincoln, but it took over 100 years after that, for them to get equality.

You want some drama action movies.....the recent 007 - James Bond; Taken 2; and Red Dawn; will give you all that.

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