Saturday, October 1, 2011

Better make it CLEAR !!!

It has come to my attention that in some of the recent posts I have given or uploaded, I may be giving the impression, if not then teaching, that I teach and advocate a Christian can be part of a nation's war machine.

I have in actuality given a very deep study to answer that question on my website, but some may never have studied it, and some maybe read my blog but never do go to study my studies on my website.

So I'd better set the record straight on this my blog.

When I write about mad dictators and the evil they do to their people and to others; when I write about Nato and etc. should deal with these people in no uncertain terms (as like the USA did with bin Laden - executing him); when I write about Nato and other Western Israel nations taking out Madghafi and his clones in Libya and the same for the dictator in Syria and the crazies in Yemen. When I write such I am writing FROM THE NATURAL CARNAL MIND OF THE WORLD.

I am NOT trying to say, and certainly not teaching that TRUE CHRISTIANS can and should or are allowed by God under the New Testament age to be PART OF A NATIONS WAR MACHINE!!

A true Christian today can have NOTHING to do with the politics and wars of this world. A true Christian is not part of this world and the affrays and this unconverted world, that does not follow the laws of God, does not have faith in the Almighty to fight its battles. Our nations of the West and all nations of the world are CARNAL - they do not look to the Eternal for the ways to live under His word and New Testament. They do not have FAITH in God, why most if not all of them, have thrown God out of the window and into the garbage heap. The Christina must come out of this world with its mixed up politics, greed, injustice, lack of faith, self-reliant on self and its power of weapons to killing others.

A true Christian CAN NOT be a part of a nation's WAR MACHINE!!!  There are many reasons why this is so under the New Covenant age - all expounded to you on my website under that particular study.
And yes I cover the situation of Christ and Christians (made immortal) FIGHTING the mad nations of this world on Jesus' return.

But yes I do write at times, as LOOKING FROM the perspective of the CARNAL WORLD, that relies not on the power of God, but in the power of physical force. The West at least does, even in its unconverted state of mind, understand the horrific wickedness of some mad dictators, and they move (well at times) to eliminate those dictators and the evil they bring upon their own people and others.

So my writing at times that Nato or the USA or Britain should do this or that in the way of getting rid of mad dictators and the evil they do, is FROM the PERSPECTIVE of the CARNAL MIND-SET of those nations, who believe that physical force is the only way they have, at least it is the way they have CHOSEN to have.

Winston Churchill was not a converted man to the true ways of the Lord. He was a product of his natural carnal world. If I write from HIS mindset, I would have to say Winston was correct in his evaluation of Hitler - he was a mad man - out to rule the world - and would never be stopped by contracts on a piece of paper. Winston was right on the money, when he declared Hitler could only be stopped by physical force, that he had to be eliminated from off this earth, him and his clones, by physical force of war machines - Winston was right on the money!

But in my writing that Winston was correct, that Hitler needed to be blown away, as he was the Devil in human form. In my writing that Britain and the USA were too SLOW in acting against Hitler, and Winston was correct YEARS before Britain and the USA acted to blow Hitler off this planet. That does NOT MEAN I am teaching that true Christians can be part of a nation's war machine. All I'm writing is that the unconverted carnal mindset of some ARE CORRECT and as they will act accordingly, then get going and act. If you want to live as carnal people without God, then get acting in your carnal ways and do what you will do anyway, when push comes to pull - do not pussy-foot around like Britain did with Hitler, and when Winston was telling them to get acting with carnal ways and machines of war.

So please do not misunderstand when I write according to as how the carnal world looks at it all, and how the carnal world should act if it's going to be carnal about everything.

So at times I write from the carnal perspective of things.

NO, a Christian today, under the New Testament, CANNOT (for many reasons) be part of a nation's war machine!!

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